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5 to Follow: Top Sites to Get You Decluttered Already!

You can’t love your home when you’re drowning in stuff. Here, resources to help you organize and streamline

A few years ago, a book titled Stuffocation: Living More with Less came out, and has that word “stuffocation” ever stuck in my brain. Especially when I look at my closets (packed with dresses that haven’t been worn in decades, but, hey, you never know when they could come back in style), overflowing kitchen cabinets (never met a saucepan I didn’t like), and piles of papers on, well, any available surface. If you can relate—and are feeling nest-y as the weather turns a little cooler—check out these five sites that will help you cleanup your act and love your place a bit more. 

  1. Let’s address the elephant in the room: Marie Kondo’s incredible success at inspiring people to discover what truly “sparks joy” among their possessions—and offload the rest. To get a bit more of her philosophy and technique, check out her Konmari website for insights and ideas.
  2. Real Simple has also played a key role in getting Americans to organize and de-messify their lives, and this powerhouse brand’s website is full of great intel, whether you need help with your pantry, home office, or any place in between.
  3. A Bowl Full of Lemons: This South Carolina-based blogger has all kinds of ideas for organizing, cleaning, and budgeting. Articles like, “5 Things to Clean This Fall” and a “30-Day Purge Challenge,” which involves five minutes of decluttering a day, will help you get in your neat and tidy groove before November arrives.
  4. If you love looking at photos of beautiful, clean spaces and then finding out where to buy every last item in them, hop over to IHeartOrganizing. Organizing expert Jen Jones will show you how to simplify and spiff up your home with bright, cheery results.
  5. For sheer inspo (though perhaps not perfect practicality), check out the Minimalists. This duo has found purpose in living with as few objects as possible—owning only 100 objects seems to be the goal of many who embrace this spartan lifestyle. But that said, there’s loads of good advice even for the most pack-ratty among us—things like how to have a photo-scanning party and the like. Worth a peek!

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By Janet Siroto


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