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Cinch Some Men’s Jeans to Make a Major Fashion Statement (and Be Green, Too!)

Are you ready to be boldly stylish, save some money and help the environment? Our fashion editor is showing us how to re-purpose denim into a hip new outfit.

NextTribe fashion guru Kimberly Cihlar is back with “Talk-in Closet with Kim,” and this week she’s showing us how to cinch jeans to make a major fashion statement (and save the environment in the process).

“Here at NextTribe, we are very cognizant of trying to be kind to the environment and the planet and make it better for everyone,” says Kim. “Part of that has to do with making our styles sustainable… sometimes that can mean re-calibrating, recycling, re-purposing.”

In other words, we’re all about shopping our own closet. “Before you throw it out or give it the boot, try something new! Open your mind, have a new perspective,” she says. “It’s all about taking fashion to the next level and helping keep our planet green.”

And remember last time when we DIYed our outdated jeans with a little bleach? Now Kim’s taking that same denim to the next level by using a bracelet to cinch those men’s jeans and turn them into a cool pair of drop-crotch pants.

Check out the video below to see how Kim is re-purposing belts, nightgowns and kimonos (in addition to the cool pants we talked about above).

Look for “Talk-in Closet with Kim” videos every other week. If you have questions for her, please leave them in the comments!

By Kimberly Cihlar


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