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5 to Follow: The Over 50 Instagram Influencers Who Rock It

Who doesn’t need a little style inspo from time to time? These Instagram accounts deliver!

With fall around the corner (though we hope it stays away as long as possible—please, summer, hang in there!), many of us will think it’s time for a little wardrobe spruce up. September is the perfect moment to find some yummy sweaters, cool boots, a scarf or two to add a pop of color, and maybe some new jeans, while we’re at it.

If you need a little inspiration for revving up your wardrobe this season, we’ve got you covered with our own Kimberly Cihlar’s videos and stylings, but it’s fun to cast a broad net, so look no further than social media. Here are a few accounts that will feed your creative spirit and hopefully deliver some style strategies you love:

1.) The Koolest Women

chic over 50 instagram

Image: Mara Singer @thekoolestwomen on Instagram

There’s always something, well, kool on this account curated by Mara Singer; it shares fashion and design finds and thoughts … a pile of neutral-hued sweaters, silvery gunmetal workbooks, the perfect jeans worn with kitten heels—all wrapped up with a #strongertogether, supportive vibe. Check it out!

2.) Renia Jazdzyk 

chic over 50 instagram

Image: Renia Jazdzyk @venswifestyle on Instagram

Renia Jazdzyk, who describes herself as a “fashion creative and ageism fighter,” stars in her account @venswifestyle, which shows off the signature style of this Polish native now living in the United Kingdom. Slit skirts and cardigans with stitched-on pockets make an appearance. Lots of unexpected colors and silhouettes help you try out some new looks.

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3.) Yasmin Furmie

chic over 50 instagram

Image: Yasmine Furmie @yasminfurmie on Instagram

We can’t get enough of the wild style of Yasmin Furmie, a former social worker who became a fashion designer and who has a cool line of shirts called Sisi. But we love this South African’s account for how she proclaims “Life is too short; do what you want, do what you like and never act your age!” While showing off mismatched sneakers and other fun looks, she takes on serious issues about gender and racial equality. Brava, Yasmin.

4.) Grece Ghanem

chic over 50 instagram

Image: Grece Ghanem @greceghanem on Instagram

Over 130,000 people follow personal trainer/model Grece Ghanem’s account (@greceghanem) and for good reason—whether it’s an on-set shot of her wearing something in shocking pink or heading out in shoulder-duster earrings, a white tee, and denim skirt—she looks marvelous!

5.) Arlinda McIntosh

chic over 50 instagram

Image: Arlinda McIntosh @funkingafter50 on Instagram

Even if you never actually wear the kind of notice-me looks that designer Arlinda McIntosh creates and shares on her @funkingafter50 account, we guarantee you will enjoy her sparky style. She runs a zero-waste fashion company called Sofistafunk and shows off her creations—whether made out of sweatshirt material or silk taffeta or in basic black or saturated brights—with fantastic flair. – Janet Siroto

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By Janet Siroto


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