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Far Out! Our Travel Guide to the Best Cannabis Destinations

Even if you don't want to travel far these days, you can still take quite a trip. Here's what you need to know about cannabis-related travel.

As people are just now thinking about venturing out on vacations again, we are offering some ideas for a new kind of travel–one that was just getting started in the Before Times (meaning anything prior to March 2020). Here, our cannabis travel guide.

Cannabis-enhanced travel—or should we says trips?—is booming. Recreational marijuana is now legal in eleven states and the District of Columbia, and smart entrepreneurs are finding ways to create THC-centric getaways for those who want to indulge within these go-ahead-and-light-up zones. The best part? Witty puns abound. (Bud and Breakfast, anyone?)


Colorado is, not surprisingly, the epicenter of these vacays, offering weed-friendly travel amenities. Colorado Cannabis Tours promises to give you “a behind the scenes look at Denver’s legal cannabis industry. From grow house tours, Brew Tours, to glass blowing demonstrations and hash/marijuana concentrate making tours.”

There are “puff and paint” classes where you can let your creativity fly, and cannabis cooking classes. One hotel in Denver advertises its discreet smoking balconies.

A recent study, conducted before the pandemic by the Colorado Tourism Office, found that the state’s marijuana laws influenced travel decisions positively about 50 percent of the time.

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Beyond a Rocky Mountain High

cannabis travel guide | NextTribe

Weed wedding anyone? A “bud and breakfast” in Vermont. Image: budbreakfast/Instagram

The Portland area’s Jupiter Hotel offers what is being billed as “Oregon’s First Hotel Cannabis Package.” Starting at $179 a night, the deal includes an “everything-but-the-weed kit,” a munchie kit, and a weed map. But the fine print emphasizes that by law smoking in hotel rooms is not allowed. Bummer.

In Napa Valley, CannaVines offers tours and tastings of its cannabis-infused vintages. These wines are called “the perfect balance between the world’s two most-loved euphoria-enhancing substances.” Are you ready for a Chardonnay spiked with the “earthly, energetic” Sour Diesel variety of weed?

The website Bud and Breakfast lists private accommodations world-wide that cater to weed lovers. There you can find hosts offering such rituals as “wake and bake” treats, another round of smoke-ables or edibles at 4:20 PM, and marijuana-infused meals. Of course, all other kinds of activities are available, depending on where you go, from hiking to spa treatments.

Keep in Mind

There are some basic rules to know—such as, out-of-state folk may not be able to buy as much at dispensaries as residents; smoking in public may not be kosher; and don’t even think about bringing “souvenirs” back home over state lines.

But other than that, if you are a smoker or a toker, there may be a whole new way for your travels to take you higher (pun intended). A weekend getaway at a Bud and Breakfast is starting to sound better and better.

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A version of this article was originally published in December 2017.
By Janet Siroto


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