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May Your Hair Be Merry and Bright: Having Fun with Color

Want to have fun with your hair? Choose from a rainbow of shades that are both pretty and powerful. With help from the brand Aloxxi, we help you walk confidently but carefully into a bold new world of color.

Back in the 80s, when many of us came of age, bold hair was more about size (we’re looking at you Joan Collins) than color (notable exception Cyndi Lauper). But today, boldness is expressed through a rainbow of hair shades that manage to be pretty and powerful at the same time. Look at Katy Perry in lavender locks or Demi Lovato wearing a crown of cornflower blue. But why should the youngs have all the fun with color. Aren’t we at the point when we can say, “Screw it. I get to wear the hair color I want”?

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The haircare company Aloxxi makes it easy to experiment with shades. One of the company’s color products is Instaboost, a conditioner that provides temporary color options. Aloxxi was founded by George W. Schaeffer, who also started OPI nail polish. Just as OPI branded nail hues, Aloxxi is doing the same for hair color. Now, you can go into a salon and ask for a specific Aloxxi hair color, such as Copper Cabana (my hair color) or Aquamarine Dream. Or you can buy Instaboost and play with color in imaginative ways.

“We’re all about hair color personalities,” says Teri Dougherty, Aloxxi artistic advisor. “I don’t think people are fearing hair color any more.”  In the last couple of years Dougherty has seen a trend, including among women 45 plus, of putting splashes of brighter colors in their hair. “I have one client who has this beautiful white hair and we took the whole underneath fringe area and made it this gorgeous violet color. It’s a stunner. You can’t believe how many clients say, `Oh my God, that’s what I want.'”

What’s Your Color Personality?

Dougherty explains that the color deposited by Instaboost is most visible on light strands.. For instance, if you have dark hair with highlights, applying, say, Purple Reign, will give you purple highlights. If you apply the color to dark hair without highlights, the effect will be more subtle, like a purple sheen. Gray hair provides a fabulous canvas for experimentation because of the contrast in color. And it allows you to say, “Hey buddy, I ain’t your grandma,” in a very public way.

If you’re not ready to go full-throttle with a bold hue, you can apply light kisses of color. Apply Instaboost to the ends or to a small section of the interior. Dougherty demonstrated how to part your hair deep on one side to grab a triangle of hair underneath the surface and work in a squirt of Instaboost. You can work it in when hair is wet or dry. Applying it dry will produce more intense color. Leave it in for at least 5 minutes–longer if you want deeper color. When you re-part your hair at its normal place, the bit of color peeks through, adding interest and depth. “It’s not crazy,” says Doughterty. “it’s subtle.” And fun, and we’re all for fun in any form.

This article is sponsored by Aloxxi.

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By Cheryl Kaye


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