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See Great, Look Great! 11 of the Best New Reading Glasses

These are not your mother's reading glasses. Here, we offer styles that are as bold and fun as the women who wear them.

There comes a time for all of us when our arms aren’t long enough to hold a menu far enough away to read. But there never comes a time when those of us aging boldly want to look like fuddy-duds in generic drugstore reading glasses to determine, say, what ingredients are actually in the ceviche. Fortunately, reading glasses have gotten way cool.

Many women I know make their readers part of their signature look.

Choose shapes such as aviators, hexagonal, rectangular, cat-eye. Patterns include tortoise, split hue, speckled, striped. You can find ones in bright primary colors or pale opals or translucent clear. Go chunky, or with a ‘70s vibe. Many women I know make their readers part of their signature look, and more than one has told me they’re great to wear on Zoom calls when you don’t want to put on make up.

One of the next-level features to readers these days is the option to add blue light filter to lenses, quite useful and even necessary if you spend a lot of time in front of the computer. Most eyewear brands also do double duty with sunglass readers in a variety of frames that compliment the regular clear lens readers offered, and some, like Caddis, offer progressives that magnify from one strength to another within the lens, so, as they say, you can go “from friends to phone, kids to camera, far to near, road to radio, near to far.” All with just a nod of your head.

Visualize yourself in these!

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Possibly the hippest new readers out there, Caddis has been made popular by a star-drenched celebrity following of girls of a certain age who wear glasses. Chunky, clear, wire-rimmed, disco-era throwbacks, these are readers with attitude. An attitude that is down-right NextTribe-ish.

“We’re here to call out the whole fountain of youth illusion, industries that profit from the fear of getting older and the concept of “aging gracefully.” And yes, we sell reading glasses,” the Caddis website declares. The tagline: “Get older. Own it. See stuff.”

Many styles have cute directions printed on top of the frames, so that only you “see” it. For example: “Port” and “Starboard,” or “Izquierda” and “Derecha.” Plus, they’ve made online shopping easier by allowing you to “try on” virtually.

NextTribe Favs:


best reading glasses for women, Caddis

A top choice is the chunky D28 in the color “dolphin head” at $95. 


best reading glasses for women

Also fab: the Miklos in Matte Bone, $95.


best reading glasses for women, Caddis Mabuhay

But the coolest of them all? The aviator hipness of the chic Mabuhay, priced at $105.


Fourth-generation-family-run Peepers has been Oprah’s pick for years. The reason is clear. The price! Tagged at $27, these are a step above drugstore readers and priced so you can stock up on colors and styles. Basically, store a set in every locale where you might need to pop on a pair. Think one for the car for digital map planning, one for the bathroom for make up application, one for the kitchen for recipe reading. Yeah, you seeing this? (I’m wearing a favorite pair of Peepers in the top photo.)

NextTribe Faves

best reading glasses for women, Peepers

The iridescent framed Next Level with blue light lenses. We’re gonna just go ahead and dub them unicorn readers and may be ordering as you read this!


best reading glasses for women, Peepers stardust

The Stardust comes in a close second, though.

Warby Parker 

Warby Parker now allows you to try on five pairs at home for free. That’s one of the reasons they’re one of our favorite brands. Plus, we love their sizes, shapes and colors. No wonder it’s a go-to for our friends and colleagues everywhere. 

NextTribe Faves

best reading glasses for women, Warby Parker Sadie

The light hued pink Sadie in cherry blossom fade, $95


best reading glasses for women, Warby Parker Kimball

The chunkier Kimball in marzipan tortoise, both priced reasonably at $95.


Eyebobs are known for being easy to wear and extra comfortable thanks to a spring-hinged temple that has greater range of movement. Try them on virtually with a QR code that slides over to your phone.

NextTribe Faves

best reading glasses for women, Eyebobs

These unisex TV Party readers are the bomb. The perfectly round, thick acetate frame exudes cleverness and intrigue.

eyebob colors

We dig the colors this frame comes in. Yellow and teal. for example. Both priced at $95. 

Look Optic

These ultra-lightweight matte frames come with Italian spring hinges that bend and flex with you. Their mission is to help make wearing readers a fun, fashionable and fearless experience—wherever you need to read the fine print.

NextTribe Faves

Make a statement with these chunky Laurel frames in clear champagne. $68.


What’s not to love about a brand whose mission is so simple. As in “Seriously Hip frames at Seriously Hip prices”? This eyewear company has pioneered the funkiest frames, focusing on individuality and at a price that won’t break the bank.

NextTribe Faves

AJ Morgan reading glasses

The My Privilege in vibrant red at $42 is an affordable and stylish alternative.

AJ Morgan reading glasses

We love these Thelma sunglass readers, priced at only $24.

Can you see clearly now?!

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By Kimberly Cihlar


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