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Linda Fargo: What It Takes To Be a Fashion Icon

NextTribe Linda Fargo

Fashionista Linda Fargo is as well-known for her on-the-mark trendspotting as she is for her perfectly coiffed white bob and her brilliant red lips. And it’s her quirky way of combining classics — her classics, her way — that seals the deal and grants her fashion icon status.

Tackling designer trends from the runway’s front row, Linda incorporates them into an elegance that inspires, but more importantly, sells at retail. The fashion eyes and soul of luxury retailer Bergdorf Goodman, Linda celebrated 20 years there last May. Did she receive a gold watch for corporate loyalty? Nope; not her style. Instead, Bergdorf gave her something more unique and fitting: her own retail outlet. “Linda’s at BG” is a quasi-personal fantasy closet of all things Linda located inside the iconic New York City store. Even the mannequins look like her.

This style maven, who started off as display person, stocked her shop with everything from surreal home accessories to feather skirts to her favorite chocolate and tea (Mariage Frères Casablanca, with mint and bergamot). There’s a certain pattern that will always be part of Linda’s Shop. As she recently said: “Besides my hair and my lipstick, leopard is an all-time classic for me. The shop will always have elements of leopard in it. I think a sense of drama is a bit of a signature for me.”

Here’s to her drama and her classic spots!

—Kimberly Cihlar



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