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5 To Follow: The Most Adorable Pet Instagram Accounts

NextTribe hotflash finds best Instagram pet accounts

A Nielsen survey says the average American spends 10 hours – 10 hours! – a day looking at a screen. Terrible, isn’t it? But when it comes to gazing at adorable pets, we’ll make an exception. When commuting, on an endless line at Trader Joe’s or otherwise twiddling our thumbs, there is nothing better at any age than gazing at cute animals on Instagram. So allow us to share our favorite accounts:

  1. @bertiebertthepom introduces a little bear of a chocolate Pom who “works” at an NYC art gallery and travels to art fairs the world over. Love!


  1. @venustwofacecat chronicles the adventures of the mesmerizing cat Venus, born with a half-black, half-orange face that’s 110% beautiful.


  1. @ladypigford is a hilarious account by a London “pig-mum” of three boisterous boy pigs, who chronicles their adventures with cheeky humor.


  1. @pumpkintheraccoon is a gorgeous, umm, pet raccoon who cohabitates with two dogs and just may think he’s one of them.


  1. @loki_the_wolfdog is a must for canine-lovers who want to see a gorgeous creature frolicking amidst rugged, heroic landscapes.

Janet Siroto

Tell us your favorite pet accounts to follow.

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