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New Treatment: Out Damned Age Spots

Next Tribe photo of woman without age spots after using Eskata treatment

Those brown age spots that speckle our skin as we age have some pretty awful names, with “liver spots” being the one that makes me cringe the most. It not only conjures up the image of unwanted discoloration but also the taste of liver choked down during childhood.

The dermatological name for these entirely benign marks is seborrheic keratosis lesions, and over 80 million Americans have them—but aren’t necessarily happy about it.

Soon, you’ll be able to make these spots go bye-bye permanently. In December 2017, the FDA approved a new treatment called Eskata, and it will be in dermatologists’ hands this spring. The product is a highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide solution that must be applied over a couple of visits by a trained medical professional, and is said to tingle or burn a bit as it makes the brown spots disappear once and for all. The cost is expected to be around $200 to $250 for enough medication to treat about 10 of the marks.

Ask your derm if you’re interested in the Estaka treatment, or perhaps we’ll all make peace with them and start a “Show Your Spots” movement akin to the “Show Your Stripes” one for stretch marks. What do you say, NextTribe? Tell us how you feel about age spots below.

 – Janet Siroto

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