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How You Answer the Age Old Question About Your Age

The Age Old Question: Do Women Like to Admit Their Age?

It seems it’s no longer a big taboo to ask the age old question about a woman’s age. We wanted to know how you respond when you get asked and you told us on our Facebook page.

Of the four choices, a whopping 83 percent of you picked, “State my age proudly.” Five percent of you said you gave a vague answer such as “old enough.” We were happy to hear none of you lied about your age!

Others chose to write in an answer. Here are a few:

“It’s important to `admit’ your age. It’s the last vestige of coyness. Also, if you don’t try to get away with a younger age, you are redefining your actual age for other women.”

“Ageism is real, especially for women. Among women friends, fine. But professionally, I keep that to myself.”

“Sometimes I state my age proudly; sometimes with regret. It usually has to do with the state of my hair.”

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