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The Triple Bonus of Taking Your Bike Instead of Your Car

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We all enjoy a leisurely spring ride through the park, and some of us are serious mountain bikers. But when it comes to cycling for transportation, we often stop short, even though many cities are becoming more bike-friendly. Which is too bad because cycling easily burns about 50 calories per mile, earns health benefits, and talk about reducing your impact on the planet — it’s as carbon-efficient as you can get! Angela Azzolino founded the organization Get Women Cycling to educate and motivate cyclists to get out there safely, one two-wheeler at a time. Her top tips:

Ride the right bike. If you’re going to be on the road regularly, invest in a comfy “commuter bike, which typically has upright handlebars, a chain guard and fenders, plus tires that are wider than a road bike but narrower than a mountain bike,” Angela says.

Be laser-focused. Crazy cabs and delivery trucks! Pedestrians staring at their phones! “You can’t control what motorists and pedestrians do, so be predictable yourself about following the rules of the road,” Angela says. “And allow enough time. If you’re rushing, it’s easy to become distracted.” And on that topic—please, no earbuds.

Bike with a buddy. “Experienced city cyclists can help newbies with navigation and decision-making,” Angela says. Find one through local bike shops or online forums—try a “seeking biking partner” post on

Outsmart your vanity. No one wants to look sloppy after biking to work. Vulpine, CHCB and BetaBrand offer work-worthy cycling clothes (think: modern lightweight fabrics and streamlined pockets).

Chart new paths. “If you don’t have a clear bike route to your destination, try cycling to a bus or train station and using bike share programs,“ Angela says. “And demand action: Create a bike-lane petition and hold a rally so the powers-that-be take notice.” Ride on!

– Nina Malkin


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Love all the good advice! Precise and direct with awesome tips!

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