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Instant Pot Insanity: The Kitchen Gizmo That Ate the World

Next Tribe why do people love instant pot

“What do you mean you don’t have an Instant Pot?!?”

I have been asked this question, oh, about five dozen times over the last couple of months. I apparently have missed a major cultural milestone: The arrival of a kitchen appliance that promises to revolutionize cooking. I haven’t seen anything like it since the mass hysteria around those bread-making machines back in the 90s. I can’t help but wonder why people love Instant Pot so much.

For the uninitiated, the Instant Pot is a multipurpose electric cooker that packs the acts of sautéing, steaming, yogurt-making, rice-cooking, slow-cooking and pressure-cooking into one $99 gizmo that has over 20,000 ecstatic reviews on Amazon. Look for an Instant Pot cookbook on Amazon, and you’ll get over 3,000 results. This is a full-fledged cultural phenomenon.

Created by Robert Wang, who has a doctorate in computer science, the Instant Pot has foodies gushing. My friend Cheryl insists the Orange Chicken she makes in it is better than takeout. A coworker says the Maple-Smoked Brisket she made in hers is “restaurant-level…like, really, really good restaurant-level.” And the appliance has a rabid cult of acolytes who use it to make cheesecake. Are you ready to risk becoming obsessed with a kitchen gadget? Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

– Janet Siroto


In case you have Fear of Missing Out, here’s a few to order. (And yes, we do get a tiny, eensy bit of money if you buy through us. Thank you very much!!!)

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I made bone broth in my instapot and it was divine. Using bones with a little meat left on 3 Costco rotisserie chickens and water. Only water. Brought it all to a boil, then changed the setting to ‘soup’ and timer to 14 hours and shazam, the cooker did its thing. Once cool I pulled out the bones, poured the liquid through cheese cloth and refrigerated it. The fat solidified into a disk that easily lifted off the top. The bowls of magic that I’d frozen were a life saver when I was down with the flu a few weeks… Read more »

Yum. What a good thing to have in the freezer during the winter.

I am. It gives me all the benefits of a pressure cooker without that incessant rattle. Plus “keep warm” does exactly that. Oooh, and short ribs in an hour. Ok… Done. 😉

“This is Us” ca 2018

OMG…these things are legendary! But I have yet to buy a pot. What is everyone making?

My husband is the Pot Head in our family. Loves it. Makes everything in it. Last night–tomato coconut soup.

I need to buy n try!

Kimberly Cihlar Buy via the NextTribe page!!

Kimberly Cihlar I love mine.

Good to know. I keep hearing about it and, like Ellesor, have yet to buy one!

I have one!!! But a bit intimidated. We have a community fb page and someone started a group with recipes and how tos. Work in progress

I’m impressed Mary Ellen. Let us know how it goes. What you’re cooking!

I can’t afford to give up any more counter space in the kitchen…or can I? 😉

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