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Turns Out Middle Age Are Actually the ‘Best Days of Our Lives’

The Best Days of Our Lives: Go Back, or Stay Put?

Last week, we posed the question, would you go back and live your life again, if you didn’t have your present-day knowledge?

We were flooded with responses. 61 percent of you said you’d stay where you are now. Delissa Harden Keeling told us, “Life couldn’t be better at this point. Living in peace, love and joy.”

Ashley Brooks quoted a Bob Seeger line: “Wish I didn’t know now, what I didn’t know then.” And she added, “No way I’d go back through all the drama, angst and insecurity. It’s taken me 45 years to FINALLY embrace the real me.” Donna Schultz was more succinct: “I’d probably die if I went back. I was dumb.”

These Are the Best Days of Our Lives: Among the 39 percent who said they’d go back were many who longed for the simpler life without social media and feeling tethered to technology.

Devy Ferguson said, “spending another lifetime with my family—my sisters, my parents—would be perfect.” Helen Loretta loved “the hope and dreams and excitement of youth.”

There was a bit of wistful waffling too.

Donna McCloskey would do both. Stay put because of “what I have accomplished, my family and my job,” and go back “because the ‘70s were the best time in my life—the music was the BEST ever and times were just plain simpler.”

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