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Babuskas Gone Wild! Behind the Russian Grandmas Viral Video

Next Tribe still from Russian grandmas viral video

We Americans haven’t corned the market on Aging Boldly. Check out the two Russian grandmas whose video has gone viral. A little background first: Some young cadets in Russia caused a ruckus for filming a sexy video to the song “Satisfaction” (not the Stones one, a new one), cavorting half-naked and in “50 Shades of Gray” style gear.

The footage was condemned by authorities as degrading and immoral, but that didn’t stop others across the country from making their own version. In fact, it probably just fueled it!

Our favorite take has to be two grandmothers who shimmy around their shared apartment, and their frank commentary about why they got in the on the action. Watch it here.

It’s a fascinating glimpse into life on the other side of the globe, and how women of a certain age want to join in the seditious fun.

Janet Siroto

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