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The Rhino Death Felt Round the World

NextTribe rhino death

Last month, National Geographic photographer Ami Vitale made a quick and anxious trip to Kenya to say goodbye to a beloved rhino. And maybe a whole species. Sudan, the last male Northern White Rhino on the planet, died at the age of 45 after efforts to breed him with female rhinos had failed. (There is talk of harvesting their eggs and trying other reproductive procedures.)

Vitale had followed the gentle, hulking Sudan over nine years and was with him, along with keepers at Ol Pejeta Conservancy, at the end. She snapped the photo above just moments before he died. NextTribe rhino death

Now Vitale is trying to raise money for Ol Pejeta so it can continue its mission of protecting and fighting for some of the world’s most vulnerable creatures. Each print is $225, with 100 percent of proceeds going to the Kenyan conservancy. “Anything we can all do to collectively protect what is left of this magnificent planet is so appreciated,” says Vitale.

To learn more and order a print, click here.

–Jeannie Ralston



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What gives humans the right to destroy every species of life on our planet ? Happy Earth Day…..

I feel for his caregivers. God bless.

So sad that he is the last of his line. Just like the unicorn (yes unicorns were once real. It is in The Bible.) Now white rhino will only be a mystery and a memory

You actually believe everything in the bible written by mortal men?

Melissa Scarbrough Landers yes, because it was penned by men, but the WORD was inspired by the HOLY SPIRIT, the same SPIRIT that rose JESUS from the grave, and the same SPIRIT that lives within me.

Awww makes me sad watching them

I have much sadness for the loss of this amazing white rhino ,my heart is breaking over his loss…

Need to start shooting poachers on the spot… no questions… no warning!

They already do that in some areas .

I loved this white rhino. So devastating.

so so sad

Far beyond tragedy

The white rhino is so close to extinction. Shame on you man

Pretty much is…

So sad!

I hope they keep his DNA and clone him.

We are our own destruction

He knew love!

So sad that he is gone.

So sad.

Crying for them all

There are two female white rhinos left and it’s baffling that they could not mate them as they do other animals artificially if necessary. Why let a unique endangered species die off as this male was the only living one !

They saved sperm

Hopefully, he was about 45 years old and there’s only two female’s left. They should have been working on this long ago knowing they had 3 left !

The problem is he’s related to the females.

If that’s the case the sperm that Judy Hofer-Searls mentioned is useless.

They kept sperm and plan to do that. Just pray it takes.

Well, if he is related to the two females and therefore they could not reproduce alone then keeping sperm is just as useless if they are the only two females left.

They can still use the sperm. Most animals can breed father to daughter(line breeding). Inbreeding is brother to sister and this is where you get mental and physical deformities.

Not felt enough. Humans will destroy the planet yet.

Saddens me

Another sad moment

The keeper had a special w this rhino!

I saw this on 60 minutes I believe and the man who had cared for this gentle giant for 8 years. So sad. Thanks for sharing NextTribe!

Special bond!

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