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These Cool Retro Sneakers Return to the Tennies of Our Youth

Retro Sneakers Return to the Cool Tennies of Our Youth | NextTribe

How many of you remember Farrah Fawcett’s iconic 1976 skateboarding poster? How many of you wanted to be Farrah Fawcett after that poster came out? And how many of you feathered your hair and went out and bought those red and white Nikes she wore in the pic?

In my case: Guilty, guilty, and guilty. (I remember wearing my kicks with super-flared Dittos jeans and a double-wrap belt.)

Those sneakers — the Nike Cortez All American ($70)– are back again in all kinds of colors (and even in suede), having evolved from their original status as a sleek, cutting-edge running shoe to a 2017 symbol of total retro chic.

In fact, it seems there’s a wave of old-time athletic shoes making a comeback. Think about Adidas Stan Smiths and Converse High-Tops. I own them both and would be the first one to admit that it was simply a case of wanting to return to the days of my youth. But honestly, they’re really good-looking, comfortable sneakers. And I’m about to make room next to them in my closet for a pair of the Cortez.

Retro Sneakers Return to the Cool Tennies of Our Youth | NextTribe    Gotta say, there’s something seriously gratifying about the reappearance of a style that packed on so much self-confidence at a stage in life when we are all looking for a boost. Putting them on today is like my second shot at being cool beans.

— Hillary Quinn

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Just ordered mine and I’m wildly excited – hello, 1987 flashbacks!!!!!!

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