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Brigitte Nielsen’s Baby: Is Pregnancy Over 50 a Good Idea?

Brigitte Nielsen Pregnant: Is Pregnancy Over 50 a Good Idea? | NextTribe

Did you catch the news that Brigitte Nielsen—who starred in a string of movies back in the day like Red Sonja, Rocky IV, and Beverly Hills Cop II —is expecting her fifth child…at age 54?

We’re growing accustomed to older moms, with plenty of 40-something famous faces in the news with their bambinos, and Janet Jackson having her son at age 50. Nielsen, who’s married to Mattia Dessi, age 39, seems to be setting a new record among celebs showing that pregnancy may not have an age limit. While Nielsen has spoken before about perhaps giving IVF a try, however, she’s been mum (see what we did there?) about whether this pregnancy involved any medical intervention.

We’re saying congrats to Nielsen, but enough about us. We know you are having a reaction right now to the thought of a 54-year-old woman about to give birth. Is it, Wow, what a lucky woman? Or perhaps, Not something I’d do, but this is good news; I guess 50 really is the new 30? Or maybe what’s running through your head is, OMG, what is she thinking?!, or perhaps, No way should a woman that age be doing this!

But whatever it is we’d love to hear from Brigitte’s contemporaries. Tell us in the comments below.

Janet Siroto

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As much as I would love to have a little baby in my life, I know that it would be ridiculous for me to be raising one at my age. It makes me realize why my parents were always pushing for grandchildren. When the time comes for me, I’ll be happy to have a baby in my life that way–just the fun parts, not the heavy lifting.

54 with a newborn. Can’t imagine. I had a newborn at 40. One and done here

Me too.

That would be a nightmare! To each her own, of course, but I’m more likely to applaud the woman who chooses not to have children these days! If she had not been successful until now in having a child, I’d say go for it, congrats! But this is her 5th? No

I had my 3rd at 42. Different pregnancy, birth … I felt my age at every step and we are feeling the dread of knowing he’ll be here until we are in our 60s. He’s only 8. 54? ABSURD!! The infant isn’t even the hard part!!

No way!

It’s not for me, but I say if you can, and if you want to, then go for it!

Um, why?

To each, his own. As for me…this would be grounds for a call to Dr. Kevorkian!

I’m giving myself until I’m at least 50 to have one. I’ll be 46 next month.

I’m 45,have one bio daughter (26) with my first husband. My 2nd husband & I have been trying to have a baby for 21 years. We finally got pregnant naturally last year. We lost her at 10 weeks. We are starting fertility treatment again this month. We will not give up until a dr says we have 0 chance. Best wishes!

Mickie Campbell Nothing is impossible! Best wishes to you as well! 💖

Good luck to you both!!


to each her own

Being a child of older parents with my siblings being 16, 17 and 18 yrs older – I was told by my mother her big accident. It was hard on me – as teen – I took care of them more than them taking care of me. Which continued thru young adult. I made sure – I would have my last child no later than 30. Than my oldest son made me a grandmother in my later 40’s . Now, 50’s had 3 of granddaughters live with me – sometimes overwhelming to say least. But, do a lot with them.… Read more »

If she’d been wanting a child all of her life and, for whatever reason, was just now able to have one, I guess I could understand… but to choose to have a child at that age when she already has five doesn’t make sense to me. I’m 59, a grandmother of five, and I can attest to the fact that there’s a reason why people normally have children when they’re younger. Having a baby and a child to raise in your 50’s and 60’s can not be easy.

54 year old women don’t get pregnant with their own eggs. It’s really unfair of stars to go about acting like they did because it makes other women believe getting pregnant with their own eggs is possible. Just look at the stats. I understand that famous people want and deserve privacy but how many women 50 and over now believe they will get pregnant sooner of later?

Good point.

Thats not true. My grandma had my dad when she was 55 back in the 1920s

Donna Denton Smith it is so, so, so rare. Look at the statistics. It’s not right for women to go into their 50s believing that it’s possible — if they have the good fortune (in that very minute population) to get pregnant, lucky them, but truly believing they have a chance at conceiving because they see a star doing it? Nope.

There are lots of women who are still fertile at 54.

Catherine Minick what statistics do you have to show me?

One source indicates that 1 in 20 women go through menopause after 55. Women can still get pregnant at or after 55.

It’s relatively rare, but does occur. Some women don’t go through menopause until late 50s – for me it was 58. Certainly there are more risks involved for mother but that is true also for women over 35, many of whom have healthy children and no complications – I was one of those who had a first child at 40 with easy pregnancy and birth – I was youthful then with plenty of energy. I could have had another at 55.

My point is that it is not accurate to state that “54 year old women don’t get pregnant with their own eggs.” There are some who do, although most get fertility treatment.

Catherine Minick very, very few, almost none. My point is that people really believe they can get pregnant in their mid 50s, while almost none do.

Catherine Minick while many women do go through menopause in their mid 50s, and they should definitely use birth control, virtually none of the eggs are good at that point.

Catherine Minick of your eggs would agree with you. 😊

If a woman has had no signs of menopause at that age – periods still regular, etc., no other meno symptoms, she is probably still ovulating. Quality of eggs may be diminished, but it is still possible though far less likely to conceive naturally.

Catherine Minick women can get a test done at their OB to see.

Of course evaluation or pregnancy would determine fertility. There are quite a few women in my ancestral line who gave birth in their late 40s – 100 or more years ago. Genes play a role. As I noted, I was responding to your initial statement.

night MARE!

Is she sober and stable.. that’s my question .. she was a hot mess on that reality show with Flavor Flav

Thanks for encouraging all of us to judge others’ choices. Between this and the ridiculous article about not being a blonde bombshell anymore, I’ve think I’ve decided NextTribe is not for me.

Sorry to lose you.

Jodie Ally-Clemens

She has the $ for help. So if she’s tired and needs sleep she can send a nanny. As a regular Joe schmoe?!?! No.


So very selfish.

I so wish, but I’m 61 with no plumbing. So now I spoil my grandbabies.

I would hate to be the child …. saying forever That is my mom NOT my grandma ….

I would if I could. As long as she loves him or her and does whatever she needs to make sure she has a healthy pregnancy…then I see no problem

No way!!!

At 54, she absolutely had medical intervention. Donor eggs at the very least.

She looks beautiful and finally happy leave her alone

Maybe these wealthy people can afford unlimited life-sustaining medical treatments. For an ordinary person, I think it’s selfish to have a child so late in life that you won’t be around to witness their maturation and adulthood.

Diane Foster

I adopted at age 51 and he’s now 19 and a soph in college. I feel so connected to his generation that I forget that I’m in my 60s and the age of his friends’ grandparents. Being an aging parent is easier because I don’t sweat the small stuff; I don’t argue and fight with my snarly teen; and I feel more connected to young folks and their interests. I also recently got hired to a new, full time gig at age 68–I don’t believe that would have happened if I wasn’t giving off this “younger than I am” vibe.

This is a choice wealth can provide. Wealthy men father children with younger women ALL the time, but look at all of you judging a wealthy woman when she chooses to do the same. Shame on you.

Nope! Grands are the best!

Let your freak flag fly. I’m tired at 52 and wouldn’t do it again, but God bless

We older moms (I’m younger but still) can give a lot more. And who knows how long people live? My best friend had her kids in her 30s and died at 42.

I don’t understand if you have 4 others why???? I can understand if you don’t have any but geez with 4 already…
she will be 74 when the child is 20. Not fair to the child.

It’s her life so she can do what she wants. But I wouldn’t want a teenager at 65.

At 49 hell no!!!

When my daughter passed very unexpectedly at 25, I became a mother again at 55 instead of grandmother. God is always good. That baby keeps us going.

Pretty dumb‍♀️

I had rather go with grandbabies, passed 55. Time to slow down.

Men do it all the time…..and it’s women who live longer. Double Standard perhaps?

Since men don’t have to grow the baby I don’t see how it’s s double standard. I have 8 kids and felt old when I was pregnant at 38. At almost 50 I don’t feel my body would survive childbirth. I’m content with grand babies.

Can’t even fathom that!!!!!

None of our business.


Oh good lord Elsa Lake I would have to be committed…lol

If that’s what she wants, then good for her! I’m also 54. No thank you. But seriously. No.

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