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Brigitte Nielsen’s Baby: Is Pregnancy Over 50 a Good Idea?

Brigitte Nielsen Pregnant: Is Pregnancy Over 50 a Good Idea? | NextTribe

Did you catch the news that Brigitte Nielsen—who starred in a string of movies back in the day like Red Sonja, Rocky IV, and Beverly Hills Cop II —is expecting her fifth child…at age 54?

We’re growing accustomed to older moms, with plenty of 40-something famous faces in the news with their bambinos, and Janet Jackson having her son at age 50. Nielsen, who’s married to Mattia Dessi, age 39, seems to be setting a new record among celebs showing that pregnancy may not have an age limit. While Nielsen has spoken before about perhaps giving IVF a try, however, she’s been mum (see what we did there?) about whether this pregnancy involved any medical intervention.

We’re saying congrats to Nielsen, but enough about us. We know you are having a reaction right now to the thought of a 54-year-old woman about to give birth. Is it, Wow, what a lucky woman? Or perhaps, Not something I’d do, but this is good news; I guess 50 really is the new 30? Or maybe what’s running through your head is, OMG, what is she thinking?!, or perhaps, No way should a woman that age be doing this!

But whatever it is we’d love to hear from Brigitte’s contemporaries. Tell us in the comments below.

Janet Siroto

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