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Playmates Then and Now: Does Bunny Beauty Stand the Test of Time?

Playmates Then and Now: Beauty Stands the Test of Time | NextTribe

With Hef’s death, the age of centerfolds and women in bunny outfits is officially over, though some might say if went on life support decades ago.

Those of us who grew up seeing Hugh Hefner cavorting in his pj’s on TV and ads for the Playboy Club around town may not be in mourning; there was such a current of sexism and so much unabashed objectification of women to the “Playboy Empire.”

But some women are probably feeling a mite sad: those who modeled for the mag back in the day. Recently, some of the Playmates recreated their iconic shoots, decades later. Take a peek Playmates then and now here.

Sure, we celebrate an appreciation of female beauty over the age of 25 (something men’s magazines aren’t exactly known for). NextTribe is all in on that! But we can’t help but think when it’s under the auspices of the leering Playboy brand, it’s just not a good thing.

Tell us how you feel about seeing these Playmates then and now covers—we want to know!

—Janet Siroto


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I found the hidden bunny!

Filters are amazing

“Like” that you are asking, but don’t like the covers. However, to be fair, I feel the need to point out that many women’s mags show as much skin as these covers.

Playboy seems so tame now

If we don’t like the magazine, we shouldn’t be on the cover. Other than that, why is it my business what another woman does?

Christine Crosby

Goes to show that Photoshopping is darned good.


I just signed up to be part of things here and this article was in my first e-mail. As the production director of said Playboy Magazine, I am beyond offended at this childish (“icky”…really?) and poorly written, cheap shot of an article. First of all, these cover recreations were done a while ago, and not “just in time for Hef’s death.” Getting the basic facts straight would be a lovely start. Second of all, why don’t you attempt some real journalism and go beyond the easy, obvious story of accusing Hef and the magazine of sexism and objectifyong women. Hef… Read more »

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