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The Brilliance of One-Piece Yoga Gear

NextTribe one piece yoga gear

And you thought onesies were just for babies!

That all-in-one fashion garment is baaaaack — and in a big way. It may seem like a redux of that 80s catsuit (remember, worn with heels and maybe a boxy man’s style jacket with sleeves pushed up?). Its return is a hot trend for workout rats, especially those hitting the yoga mat.

Call it a onesie, a unitard, a jumpsuit, a catsuit, a bodysuit or a leotard; it’s actually quite brilliant as a workout garment. No more shirt slide-ups (or drop-downs) when you’re working hard in half-pigeon or handstand. Since the top and yoga pants are all-in-one, onesies withstand all kinds of flexibility and motion maneuvers. I, for one, hate when my tank top scooches up my back in child’s pose, falls over my face in rag doll or drapes down exposing my stomach in headstands.

Great options are available at Carbon 38, Lululemon, Onzie and Free People. The company called Live the Process goes one step beyond onesie architecture to what looks like a retro weight lifter’s uniform that they call “The Suspender Leotard.”

Now, get out there and sweat. No need to be a baby about it.

–Kimberly Cihlar

Here are a few onesies we love:

NextTribe one piece yoga gear

Axis Body Suit from Free PeopleNextTribe one piece yoga gear

All-in-one training body suit from Adidas by Stella McCartney

Free People Movement Cosmic Jumpsuit


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Awesome! But not for my typical body style. I love seeing them on others that can wear them well

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