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My New Year’s Resolution: No Resolutions!

Next Tribe: candy and a notebook - no more New Year's resolutions


I hate New Year’s Eve. No, wait. What I really hate is how the holiday has become entwined with New Year’s resolutions. At a moment when we should be appreciating the year that was and getting excited about the year that will be, we are instead plunged into a morass of “shoulda, coulda, wouldas” as we vow to do better in the year ahead.

  • Not to eat as much sugar, gluten, chocolate, French fries, or chug as much Prosecco.
  • Not to be so lump-like and inert and get our butts to yoga (or Pilates, you choose).
  • Not to stick at the some-old job and finally do that passion project.
  • Not to be as sharp and short-tempered with those around us.
  • And the list goes on.

The motivation may be fine, but to me, it’s all a lot of self-flagellation and blame for being eff-ups last year, and besides, it doesn’t work! According to U.S. News, approximately 80 percent of resolutions fail by the second week of February.

So this year, please join me in a little re-branding of resolutions. Let’s steal a page from social media and call them #goals. #NewYearsGoals. Doesn’t that sound more inspiring already?

My goals are to entertain whenever the opportunity appears; to see a friend every week or so (a quick coffee is fine, even if I need to travel a bit to get there); to do flexibility exercises…and to be a little more forgiving of word choices and grammar usage.

How about you? Share your goals with NextTribe below.

Janet Siroto

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Michele Martell

I love the thinking of Shonda Rimes – in her year of Just Say Yes! Say Yes to things that push you, to new people, to yourself! #goals

Goal and resolution: Blue Wave 2018!!

Hell NO!!! LOL never

My goal: Fewer biscuits. More gravy.

Intention not resolution.

Beth Moody

I enjoy the feeling of “restarting”. A clean slate–or a clean plate. It was one of my favorite aspects of the teaching profession. It has never been about self-flagellation for me, but self improvement and growth. For everything there is a season.

Intention: try again!

I’ve made none, but my oldest girl made 13 last year and accomplished 9 of them. Its another age, another kind of energy. In my situation and circumstances? I really can’t make any at all. Take it day by day, is all I can do.

I always resolve not to resolve.

No resolutions

Intentions. That is a better way to put it.

First resolution in forever: I resolve not to match socks anymore

Taking note of the Swedish death declutter moment. Getting rid of tons of stuff. Feels awesome


I don’t make resolutions anymore more. Instead I learn a new skill each year. Some I’ve learned are canning, Beekeeping, stained glass. This year I’m getting married ham radio license!

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