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Sneak Peek: The Powerful New Protest Song by Judy Collins

New Judy Collins Song Sneak Peek: A Much Needed Powerful Protest | NextTribe

She was there during another era of upheaval and resistance, and now Judy Collins, a member of NextTribe’s advisory board, has given us a modern protest song. Her just-released single, “Dreamers,” captures the angst and fear of immigrant families today.

Even though the haunting song was written about kids of immigrants who fear getting deported, the song comes along at a timely moment, also expressing the pain and uncertainty of parents who have been separated from their children at the border.

Singing from the perspective of a migrant-worker mother named Maria, Judy’s extraordinary voice gives power to lines like these: “I came to America for democracy and hope / now all I have is hope” and “This land was made by dreamers, and children of those dreamers.”

You can listen to and be moved by the new Judy Collins song here. And look for her video of this song and the upcoming album soon.

—Jeannie Ralston



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