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Healthy Aging: Here’s How It’s Done

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“Nothing is as painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change.” That’s what Mary Shelly, the author of Frankenstain, said way back when about who knows what (going from dead to living again, maybe?) Barbara Hannah Grufferman uses the quote in her new book, Love Your Age: The Small-Step Solution to A Better, Longer, Happier Life because she wants us to know that you don’t have to make huge changes all at once to live healthier as we get older. We can take it in small digestible chunks.

Fittingly, Grufferman’s book is divided into small sections you can read a little at a time. It feels made for browsing. She gives us lists (what to eat to make your hair stronger, prettier) and clear directions. “Eat These Three Times a Week” reads one headline, referring to fish, eggs, yogurt, avocados, poultry and dark chocolate–yeah! There are sidebars, boxes, lots of quotes and interesting facts (“80 percent of our memories are determined by what we see”).

This is a thorough guide. No part of your body or midlife experience has been overlooked. Your sleep, your sex life, your mood swings, your eyebrows—it’s all here for you to read about when you’re ready. It’s a well-researched encyclopedia that reads like caring post-it notes from your smart big sister.

–Jeannie Ralston

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