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What Changes Are You Making This Year?

Next Tribe midlife transitions

One of my favorite songs is David Bowie’s “Changes.” During so many weird and volatile times in my life (moving, postpartum depression, moving again) I’ve taken comfort from that line, “Turn and face the strange ch-ch-changes.” To me it means, accept that change is inevitable; just roll with it. And so far, I’ve been able to do so fairly well (with a few exceptions of course).

We’re at a time in our lives when we’re all facing changes. Kids leaving, getting married; looking at retirement (either our own or our spouse’s); starting new projects and businesses; reassessing marriages; losing parents. As part of our month-long look at transitions, we want to hear from you about the changes you’re welcoming or confronting in the year ahead.

Next Tribe midlife transitionsPlease take our survey so we can figure out what articles we should be writing in the months ahead and because we just want to hear what’s in your heart as we start 2018. And please read our transition stories this month, starting with this one about going cold turkey off drink and drugs. Onward and upward!

–Jeannie Ralston

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Ginny Lou

Moving out of our home we have been in for 25 years. Brought all of our babies home from the hospital here. All their growing up years, birthdays, proms and graduations. We even rebuilt after a fire ten years ago. They are all off to college or on their own now and we are looking at an empty nest. On to new beginnings and new chapters. Weddings and grand babies and a place to gather for holidays and celebrations! And a place to enjoy our friends and retirement years. Changes indeed.

Stacey Berlin

#1. My oldest son is getting married.
#2. After starting my second marriage two years ago and living in the same house for 22years, my husband and I are preparing to build our retirement home. The true test of our negotiating skills!
2018- new daughter in law, new home, new community and new friends. Ch ch change.
I feel like a snake shedding my old skin. Actually, I’m shedding my younger skin in preparation for the inevitable old age.

Stacey Martin Berlin
Mt. Pleasant, SC

Hey Stacey. So glad to hear what you’re up to. 2018 will be a full year it sounds like. Good ch-ch-changes! Ch-ch-cheers!

Becky Lou

I’ve been widowed (since age 39) for 18 years now, and have just filed for personal bankruptcy. But on the bright side, I just moved to Florida from Minnesota with an offer to assist my friend’s elderly mother who is experiencing medical problems and live with her, rent free, for the next year. It’s a blessing for both of us. She gets the help she needs and we both get companionship missing in both of our lives for the last few years. I miss my family back home, but fate has other ideas for me right now. So I am… Read more »

Louise Layton

Back to work after 15 years. Teaching at our local community college. Hospitality Law and Hospitality Human Resources. Painting scenery at my local community theater and helping the local art museum with their annual gala. Also on the board of the homeowner’s assoc. Feeling exhilarated and worried, exhilarated and dreadfully tired, exhilarated and hating myself. When does it become easier? I have given up a few things in order to add the teaching. I find it a necessity to be around younger people, especially those in my industry…production and show biz.


Turning 60 tomorrow, want to makes some new friends and have some fun adventures, short trips, enjoy a lunch or dinner with some great coversation. Moved 6 yesrs ago all my girlfriends live on the west coast. I’m so bored. Time to enjoy life again.

Yes. Time to enjoy life again. That’s the spirit!


I’m starting an executive certificate program in non-profit leadership. My goal is to take my corporate and life experience to a new arena where I can make a contribution.


Moved out of our house of 25 years, back to my childhood home in nearby town after the passing of my parents. Daughter settled in another state, and reconnecting with siblings. Looking forward to next 10 years of growth and success in a second career, followed by an adventurous and abundant retirement. Took time in 2017 to take a breath and refocus on what was important to me – and in some cases, figure out what that was – and am ready to move forward.


I have just retired and we are thinking of relocating. I am not sure what to do with myself at this point. It has been a hard transition.

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