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#Metoo Movement: Gone Too Far? Not Far Enough?

Next Tribe metoo gone too far

When NextTribe first wrote about the #MeToo movement, two months ago, the Harvey Weinstein allegations were just beginning to—shockingly—pile up. We had worried that the movement had the potential to be elitist (all those movie stars!), turn women against each other (a lawyer and a designer were criticized for expressing unpopular ideas), and cause a loss of perspective about what is sexual harassment, or, a fuzzier term, “inappropriate touching,” as opposed what used to be called, in a less politically correct or politically enlightened (take your pick) time, horsing around or even merely flirting.

In the weeks since, I think it is safe to say we have all been shocked with the number of allegations against Weinstein and the generally justified swiftness with which other iconic men accused of harassment have been stripped of their positions or projects—Kevin Spacey, Louis, C.K., Jeffrey Tambor, Charlie Rose, journalist Mark Halperin, director James Toback, Garrison Keillor, and, most shockingly, just now, Matt Lauer.

Not since the priest pedophilia scandal has a house of cards (no pun intended, re: Spacey) that has collapsed more swiftly. 

NextTribe got on to this issue pretty fast, but now we want to know how NextTribers feel about the #MeToo movement and the extraordinary prominence of the issue of sexual assault and harassment and inappropriate touching?

We hope you’ll further the conversation that we women over 45 are in a unique position to embark upon, with a bit of male-female history in our arsenal.

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