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We Know It’s Early But…What Do You REALLY Want for Christmas?


How did it get to be November already?! It’s time to put together our first annual NextTribe Gift Guide, and we need your help. We want to create a guide that’s specially designed for fun, engaged women like us. Not some lame list that will stock January’s trip to the Salvation Army. Tell us:

  • What is the cool must-have gift you hope to receive this holiday season that is perfect for us Aging Boldly types? Brand names welcome.
  • What is the gift you most definitely don’t want to receive? (Burnt out on slippers, hand cream? Do tell!)
  • What is the intangible gift you’d like this year? Maybe it’s some type of service or event? Or is there something that doesn’t even involve the exchange of money that would light up your holiday season?

If we choose your idea, of course we’ll credit you here on NextTribe—and send you one of our cool, comfy NextTribe tees.  So fill us in… and thank you!


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A gift card to a great local bookstore, like Austin’s Book People


gift cards for massage or spa!
No cosmetics, creams, clothes, jewelry or chocolate! Actually, just no stuff!

Quality time and 1:1 attention from family and friends. NO STUFF!


A good house cleaning by professionals so I can take time to do something I WANT to do!


Pilates classes!


A simple day spent with my family. No gifts just laughs and glasses of bubbly beverages.

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