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Here’s Why Kate Spade’s Death Is Hitting Middle-Aged Women Hardest

Kate Spade Died: Here's Why We'll Miss Her | NextTribe

For so many of us at who are now at midlife, buying a Kate Spade bag as a rite of passage, a sign of style and success in the 90s when the shapely, label-showing bags debuted. Was yours an Audrey Hepburn-worthy navy one? Or a joyous striped number?

For decades after, anything with a Kate Spade label signified a just perfect blend of cool and classic; of chic neutral and Palm Beach bright colors…something that would give us a dash of beauty and confidence. We loved the smiling woman behind the brand, too, for her innate fashion sense and entrepreneurial smarts. For having a company that soared to billion-dollar status (she sold it over a decade ago) and for seeming to have a rock-solid marriage. Those who were ferocious fangirls drooled over Kate’s apartment –where her daughter’s artwork hung next to iconic paintings–as showcased in design magazines, and delighted to know that she was starting a new accessories venture.

The news of Kate Spade’s death hits particularly hard because she seemed so blessed, with all the outward trappings of success. It’s a sad moment to lose a woman in her prime, one whose work made so many people’s lives a bit brighter. And it gives us a moment to pause and reflect on how none of us know what goes on in another person’s life, even if from the outside they seem to have a fairytale existence. At NextTribe, we’re saying rest in peace to the wonderful Kate, sending our condolences to her family, and sharing with our community this: If you or someone close to you is struggling, the National Suicide Hotline is one of the best-known resources out there to pull people through troubled times. It can be reached at 800-273-8255.
–Janet Siroto
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Don’t scoff at someone who tells you that they are depressed. Take it in all sincerity, despite their outward appearance. You may only have one chance to help them.

The world was in shock with this big loss!!
Once again Depresion is a very serious illness!!

It’s sad that anyone commits suicide. But her death is no more shocking than that of anyone else. She sold overpriced purses, people. I can’t imagine why those who were not her friends or family feel devastated. I never bought a thing of hers and never would. What a stupid waste of money to drop a couple hundred bucks on a purse no better than one available for a fraction of that at Target. No, blowing money on a stupid purse was NEVER a rite of passage for me!

Wow! I’ve never brought her purses but I can still feel the sadness of a life loss even if I did not know her on a personal level. I think for many it brings the situation they may have in their own lives regardless if a friend, family member or theirselves. It brings it home and they can feel for the situation.

Having lost my 15 year old son to suicide, I can assure you that suicide impacts entire families, neighborhoods, schools. That callous comment about overpriced purses goes to show that people do not get mental illness and how serious it is.

???? You don’t get this at all

That comment was for Michelle Mueller Teheux

Emily Mcmanaway, as I said, any suicide is sad. As I also said, there’s no reason for her suicide to mean more to those who aren’t her friends and family than any other suicide. Hundreds of other people committed suicide this week, and we know nothing about those cases unless we were their family member or friend. The fact that she made pricey purses does not mean her death was any more devastating than anybody else’s.

Michelle Mueller Teheux it’s sad that you cannot appreciate her work as a designer. Perhaps you might want to read more about her life. Those of us who did purchase items with the name KATE SPADE do appreciate her original efforts to design and manufacture high quality, classic accessories. Even though she sold her rights to the name many years ago, the company has stayed true to her original vision. And, you are wrong…they are higher quality than bags you can pick up at Target. I’m very sad that she suffered so and took her life…and it’s unfortunate that you… Read more »

Lori Ward Barnes, it isn’t sad that I see no value in over-prices purses. I’m not very materialistic. I never said her death wasn’t sad — any suicide is sad.

I’m very shocked. Very sad.

Very sad and such a loss

Depression can strike anyone.

This has hit me so hard. I loved the personality of the woman I know as Kate Spade. It just slays me that her demons were so deep that this was her final act. My heart just breaks for her daughter and her family.

mental health matters!

Yup 😓

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