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The Judge Aquilina Backlash: How Can Anyone Criticize Our Hero?

Next Tribe judge aquilina backlash

How many of us cheered inwardly or actually jumped up and down when we heard Judge Rosemary Aquilina sentence Larry Nasser, the former doctor for the Olympic gymnastics doctor? Who thought anyone could find fault with her strong words to a creep convicted of serial sexual molestation of young girls?

Guess what? There are reports of a backlash against the judge for “grandstanding.”

Some legal experts wrung their hands about the professionalism of making statements from the bench that smack of vigilantism and vengeance.  “A case can be made that, with that same sentencing statement, she hurt the cause of justice,” said a writer in Time Magazine. The national correspondent for the Atlantic said, “The dignity of the proceedings was diminished by a few words.”

Unfortunately professional women are all-too familiar with these criticisms and the double standard. Judges often add personal bits of outrage or perspective when they sentence a criminal. The judge sentencing Bernie Madoff called him “extraordinarily evil.” The difference in this case seems to be that the scathing comments were coming from a female judge. The tone and demeanor of powerful women are constantly open for critique. How often is a tough woman dismissed as “shrill?” Hello Hillary.

But if ever someone needed a dressing down by a strong woman, if ever young girls needed to see that their sex can punch back, it was in this case. Judge Aquilina was delivering the collective primal scream of those gymnasts who had been violated and their parents, and was channeling the building rage behind the #Metoo movement. Some people may not like it, but we say, Get used to it.

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First, anything printed in Time magazine isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. Second, I’ve heard other judges at sentencing hearings express themselves in a similar manner and they are applauded. Nassar struck me as someone who still has not accepted responsibility for his actions, which I expect was clearly evident to this judge. Good for her!

This judge was right on! We need MORE just like her.

Nora Poole

A judge that gives a rapist 6 months probation is a much better judge. WTF.

Rosa Carvalho-Edwards Wtf are you talking about? Brock Turner was a one time offender (as far as we know). Apples and oranges.

USAG, MSU, Twistars, and more also victimized these young women. Each institution cared more about preserving their reputations than in rooting out this evil. Judge Aquilina did more in 4 days to help the victims than any of these organizations did in 20 years.

I watched every victim statement made, and Judge Aquilina was fantastic. She addressed every single victim, gave words of encouragement, support and love… every one of them stepped down from the witness box stronger and with the renewed ability to move forward BECAUSE OF the compassionate comments from her. Nobody who listened to each victim could EVER criticize anything she said during the sentencing. This pervert destroyed the lives of over 150 young women and was the direct cause of at least two suicides. All power to you Judge Aquilina, you were inspirational throughout.

She was perfect! She said what needed to be said! He is rotting away, where he belongs! Anyone with a problem, so…

Go judge Aquilina, I just had a discussion with a so called male feminist who told me we would get more support if we were more polite. Sorry guys we are done fighting this fight on your terms it hasn’t gotten us anywhere, so hang on guys you going to have to deal with a lot of pissed off women.

I could not disagree more wirh any hint that Judge Aquilina was too harsh or unprofessional. She used words to address a criminal who frankly ruined countless lives. It was have been unprofessional if she would have used physical force to get her point across.

I have no idea, but take it like I do in greater understanding, that anyone who sees her, Judge Aquilina, or the girls, as the problem, instead of clearly seeing the real problem, the premeditated psychopathic sexual predator who was/is and continues to absolutely be convinced that he had the right to do what he did to 150 young female gymnasts, are the ones who seriously have a problem going on in all of their minds. Social media is a great way to find out where all the problematic really are, and who they are among the general population. Its… Read more »

Maybe we actually need a God our Mother, the Creator of life, and her daughter our Savior. We might thentreat females and the planet with respect, like we do men, even monster men. You can still have faith and believe in a higher power without believing that higher power is gendered male. Our myths and cultural stories are killing us…but I’m a whole systems dot connector.

Maryann Petrocelli you are EXACTLY right! Until we (society wide) stop representing God as virtually always male, we will never stop seeing male as closest to God-like.

Maryann Petrocelli Considering That its the Evangelicals who often defend the accused (Trump for example), I would say religion is definitely not the answer.

Anyone with any EXCUSE to say she was too harsh should really take a look at where they get their information. The woman is smart enough to not risk what all these young women bravely did with their testimony. You either get it or you won’t

Thanks for this LINK!! Very informative and well said.

I thought so, too. Thank you!

Found this very helpful, thank you for posting.👌👍

You go judge! You’re right. Tired of the legal bar not stepping up to the bat. Thank you.

Except didn’t the judge leave a perfect opening to appeal the sentence with what she said?

A defendant can appeal a verdict, but not a sentence, as long as that sentence is within the legal guidelines. Plus, Nasser pled guilty. There is nothing to appeal.

Thanks for explaining Lisa August!

What was televised was the sentencing. He had already plead guilty to 8 counts in his plea deal. So there is no possibility of appeal. She even asked him if he wanted to withdrawal his plea and have a trial instead, which he declined. I loved how she said something like – of course you don’t want to appeal because your guilty. He would have been tried for a lot more then the 8 counts he plead to in his plea deal!

His plea deal included an admission of guilt and an agreement to listen to the victims.

Her harsh response was at sentencing, as his plea ended the trial phase, in response to his letter that denied his guilt and complained about having to listen to the victims.

If people want to decry the lack of decorum, they best start with the guy who made a mockery of the process, the plea agreement, and her court.

Barb Yau Lisa August Martha Wulftange thank you.

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