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What You Said About Gun Control and What to Do Next



In the wake of the horrific Parkland shootings and the tragic loss of lives, we asked you how you were feeling–and hundreds of you responded.

Eighty percent of you felt outraged – and more than a third of you want to propel change to insure this never happens again.

When NextTribe asked for specifics, 85% of you said you’d vote out politicians who were funded by the NRA, and 80+% of you said you’d ban automatic or semi-automatic weapons and make the licensing process much more stringent.  When we probed about the root of the problem, 79% of you pointed a finger at the power of the NRA.

Regardless of how you feel about the NRA or the Second Amendment, you all agreed on one point. These senseless slaughters must end now, and it’s up to each of us to speak out on the issue and impact our country’s future path.

One important way that several respondents mentioned: the March 24thMarch for Our Lives”. Whether you march in D.C. or your community, the mission is the same: To demand that the lives and safety of citizens become a priority and that “we end this epidemic of mass school shootings.” Do you plan to participate?

Will you be marching? Tell us what you’re doing in the comments.

–Janet Siroto

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Kim Neal Mays, you are dead wrong . Other countries are not doing any bettet. They are just being killed with different weapons, that’s all. I read that the murder rate in Australia actually Increased, due to folks not being able to protect themselves . Please dont tell me you are so hopelessly naive as to think criminals wont have guns? ? Bwaahaahaahaa

I don’t think this is true and accurate!

Another liberal lying poll to try to disarm Americans…NOT HAPPENING!!! Keep your phoney “poll results” posts & petitions OFF of MY FB pg!!! I’m not giving evil, delusional demoncraps the power to turn America into a Socialist state by seizing Constitutional-protected citizens right to bear arms!! God bless America…AND the NRA!!!

85 % ???
Not believing this at all

Need more mental heath help!

No one asked me.

The NRA is not a problem! How about mental health issues?
None of the shooters were members of NRA!!!
How about making schools safer?
The enemies of 2nd amendment are trying to get rid of all guns- leaving us defenseless

The NRA is not the problem.

I have a better idea. Vote out the Democrats.

First, no one is “funded”by the NRA. Planned Parenthood gives more money to politicians than the NRA, who are not in the business of killing people , unlike Planned Parenthood.

Read what CIVILIZED countries DO

Australia for one!!!

Poll?…no one asked me or anyone I know! If polls were accurate, Hillary would have won.

For heavens sake other countries citizens are doing great since national gun control was fully supported. To say we can’t do it here is to admit we’re not as smart.

Llana shaver

I’m marching in Sacramento. I will vote for no one back by NRA and I am boycotting businesses associated with the NRA.


Support 2nd amendment

It must have been a Democratic poll. I don’t think Republicans were asked this question.

Must have been a liberal poll.

Must be those dirty SOB’s. I’ll help you take them down. Just say when.

First of all, there are no politicians ” funded” by the NRA. DONT be a total horses ass.

Maureen where you been hiding. The republicans have been taking money from NRA for years. I think you better do your research.

No dear, do yours. Both Democrats as well as Republicans take contributions from the NRA. But that hardly means they are “funded” by that, or any other organizstion. Planned Parenthood, which kills far more children than the law abiding members of the NRA, gives a boatload of money to Democrats.

Martha Walker-Kurzenberger the republicans AND the democrats will take money from anyone who will give it to them, and there are groups giving them a heck of a lot more than the NRA.

No One Needs A weapon of War! Join the military if you want to kill people!!!!

Juanita Bullins an AR-15 is hardly a weapon of war. Lol It is a lightweight hunting and sport trifle manufactured by the ArmaLite company , hence the name AR. It is not a machine gun. It it one shot per pull of the trigger. AR does not stand for “assault rifle” nor “automatic rifle”. Clearly, you know little about weaponry.

Martha Walker-Kurzenberger they take very little money from nra.

Maureen Sparti Ferguson it is a semi automatic weapon which can very easily be made into a assault rifle, bump stocks. The manufacture of the AR15 restructured a military type machine gun (soldiers choice for weapons during Vietnam war and still being used) into the semi auto automatic weapons. So if they can do this believe me people can change it back. Any gun where you get off 100 rounds in three minutes should not be on the streets at all.

Diane Peterson Bedell,once again, ma’am , you are wrong. The m-16 was a military rifle, which could be switched back and forth from an automatic to a semi automatic. That’s what made it an “assault “weapon”. The current AR-15 ( retooled by the ArmaLite company, now Colt ) typically holds 20 rounds, but can hold up to 100. It requires one pull of the trigger per shot. It’s still not a machine gun. And not for nothing, but a baseball bat can be considered an “assault weapon”.

Think you had better take another survey.


Pat o’Brien

Will be marching in support of responsible and sensible gun control and in support of the the Parkland students and their leadership. I will also encourage other to march and pledge to not vote for anyone who accepts funding from NRA and gun lobbies.

No one wants to take your guns away. That’s not the point. They just want to make it harder for people with violent tendencies to get ahold of them.

You are lying. They are banning the guns. That’s taking them away.



I call BS. When Nancy Pelosi was asked if banning bump stocks was just the beginning of more restrictive gun laws, she replied “I hope so”.
Gun haters and libs scream “sensible and common sense” when they possess neither.

Yeah, like the one that shot up a nightclub. He was a known radical that got hired as an armed security guard. Maybe the kid in Florida, how many agencies ignored the truth about him. In the rush to do something we’ll end up with a system that is easily abused to remove guns from innocent citizens. And you still won’t stop violence just make potential victims. The hardware is not the problem. Address the human factor.

Lucinda Cyr-Rodgers you need to use your brain and quit listening to that old propaganda, no one is taking guns only those high powered rifles with large magazine which should be for military and law enforcement, if you think like this then you obviously don’t value human life, now I see why our youth have more intelligence and common sense.

Lucinda Cyr-Rodgers 😂😂😂

..and who gets to decide who had “violent tendencies” ? No, dear, this about gun confiscation.if you don’t get that, you are hopelessly naive.

Lynn Costigan-hubbard, I’ll bet you’re pro choice. That’s how much you “value human life. LOL

Get lost lynn

You say the NRA is the problem? That means 5 million law abiding Americans are a “problem” to you. You want to remove them as an opposing voice. Liberal twits.

Why is the NRA the appointed keeper of the second amendment????

The NRA is the voice of gun manufacturers and no one else.

Billie Ann, sacrifice the few for the good of the many!

Christie Brown that the liberal “go to” line…do you actually know how many people are killed by ALL rifles every year? Less than 250. Yet 10,000 people will be killed in accidents, and 50% of those are caused by teenage drivers. Do you want to raise the driving age? Restrict teenagers from driving with phones? If it’s about saving lives, you should.

Sharon Kelly who do you think the NRA is? It’s not a “foundation” run by a few. It’s 5,000,000 million citizens. Americans.

Dawn Gayapersad they aren’t. We all are. But numbers count, don’t they? That’s why people organize. Like liberals marching in vagina hats.

Continuing to support an organization that is a hateful political cult is indeed a problem .this is not a liberal or conservative issue so make it such. Stop the BS. It is a public safety issue requiring conscious problem solving so that”Never again” becomes a reality ..our children deserve no less.

Billie Ann Norman sadly , those within the membership of the NRA have been conned to believe that the interests of the decent law abiding gun owner who responsibly prepares for the right supports the political agenda that permits the carnage we have seen terrorizing school children ,making going to concerts, a dance club ,church or fast food Resturant potential life threating or access to weapons that permits access for suicides or children accidents

Billie Ann Norman some of whom disagree with their policies.

Pat Obrien hateful political cult? Seriously? You think over 5 million people, Democrats and Republicans, are a cult? You say it’s a safety issue…and still ignore that you have a bigger chance of winning the lottery and getting simultaneously struck by lightning than you do by being killed by anyone using a rifle. You continue to blame an object that can do Nothing, absolutely NOTHING, unless a person picks it up. 250 deaths a year from rifles. That’s including accidents. In a population of 300,000,000 people. Figure that percentage. Then figure the number for death by accidents in DUIs of… Read more »

Barbara Corcoran Sherman yes. And they can voice those opinions or withdraw support. Unlike tolerant liberals that scream for the NRA to be dissolved. Remember Hillary’s speech? Destroy the NRA? How’s that for free speech?

Yes but 324 mill non nra, so unless there are a lot of “i don’t care” people, the murdering AR-15’s should get banned again, along with bump stocks, assault rifles, raise purchase age to 21 if not military, get very strict on background checks, waiting limits, etc and stop or decrease mass murders.

Are you sure that they ARE law abiding Americans. You can not state that as a fact!

Diane Peterson Bedell you think 5 million NRA members are criminals?

Beverly MacLean True you call an inanimate object a “murdering AR-15”. Tell me, how does it do anything without a person using it? You blame a piece of metal or the actions of a murderer. And do you actually know how many people are killed by ARs every year? Or better yet, by NRA members using them? No. You don’t. If you did, you would know that in a country of 330,000,000 on average, 250 people die from ALL types of rifles, not just ARs. 1600-2000 die from stabbing. More are beaten to death with baseball bats! You want to… Read more »

There are approximately 324 million Americans and an unsubstantiated 5 million NRA members. They no longer will decide for 319 million people on gun safety reform. They have been enabling murder for too long. #NeverAgain

I’m not voting against them.

Support 2nd admendment

well regulated would be a great start.

The NRA now is not your grandfather’s NRA. It has become a very large lobby for gun manufacturers. Not the group that only had hunters and gun safety in mind.

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