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What You Said About Gun Control and What to Do Next



In the wake of the horrific Parkland shootings and the tragic loss of lives, we asked you how you were feeling–and hundreds of you responded.

Eighty percent of you felt outraged – and more than a third of you want to propel change to insure this never happens again.

When NextTribe asked for specifics, 85% of you said you’d vote out politicians who were funded by the NRA, and 80+% of you said you’d ban automatic or semi-automatic weapons and make the licensing process much more stringent.  When we probed about the root of the problem, 79% of you pointed a finger at the power of the NRA.

Regardless of how you feel about the NRA or the Second Amendment, you all agreed on one point. These senseless slaughters must end now, and it’s up to each of us to speak out on the issue and impact our country’s future path.

One important way that several respondents mentioned: the March 24thMarch for Our Lives”. Whether you march in D.C. or your community, the mission is the same: To demand that the lives and safety of citizens become a priority and that “we end this epidemic of mass school shootings.” Do you plan to participate?

Will you be marching? Tell us what you’re doing in the comments.

–Janet Siroto

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