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Women Re-invent Weed

It’s rare that we get to watch an industry blossom in real time, providing would-be entrepreneurs with the chance to be the first kid in the neighborhood with a shiny new business.

It’s even more rare that women become a driving force in that industry. But it’s happening now. And the industry is medical cannabis.

The New York Times has reported that older women are quietly taking over an industry that has, so far, been rife with sexism and macho attitudes. For some women, it’s just intimidating to walk into a dispensary and try to make sense of the options on display. For others, it’s just irritating to be pot-splained to when, you know, you were at actual Woodstock, and the bud-tender behind the desk is too young even for Lollapalooza.

Women going into this business often do so as a second career after working in business and healthcare, and are leveraging their experience in powerful ways.

Several organizations are providing support to older women entering the cannabis industry, including the Cannabis Women’s Alliance, the NORML Women’s Alliance, Women Grow, and WAMM (short for the Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana). Each has a slightly different focus – legalizing marijuana, starting canna-businesses, learning how to use the right strain for various ailments. And each reaches out directly from and to women, to make this new-old herbal medicine accessible to everyone who needs (or wants!) it.

–Amy Keyishian

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