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Take Our Poll: What Can We Do About Gun Violence?

NextTribe hotflash gun violence

Another day. Another shooting. This time on Valentine’s Day, which means hearts everywhere are breaking over the hate in our society when we should be celebrating love and connection.

As mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, humans, we at NextTribe are grieving and are thinking of ways that we–smart, badass women–can bring about change.

As a start, please take our poll. If poll doesn’t show up below, click here. 

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Hmmm. You mean when you click on this

FB post it doesn’t take you to the story. Or once you’re in the story you have problems?

It takes me to the story fine… But where it should link to survey monkey to take the poll, it does not.

OK, technical difficulties should be fixed. Please try it again.

Terri Schories Whew! Thanks for letting me know

Yes, “click here” worked.

The poll link is not working for me.

I tried it, too, with no luck.


Ban assault rifles. Ban bumpbstocks.

Couldn’t access it.

We fixed it. Click on the link.

Ban assault weapons


Did. Had to write in every answer as none of the given were options I’d choose.

Worked for me.

Its not just women over 45, my families with young children are VERY afraid and they are 30 somethings. How do you let your kindergarten age child go to school without worrying??? So afraid, and they were the kids who watched Columbine happen to their friends!!!

Yes, my son was born the same year as Columbine happened. He has been afraid of being shot to death at school since he was little. He was always anxious and each time he heard news of shootings he worried. By 9th grade he was an expert on which states and countries were lowest for school shootings.

And yet we have not been able to do anything to make them safe. Why? Is it all of Congress?? NRA?? The rest of the world seems to have created a better way😙

Meredith Serra

Guns – and gun ownership – are fetishized in this country to the degree that they are the closest thing we have to a national religion. So fixing the problem on a nationwide scale seems pretty impossible to me. For shooters like the most recent one, who says that he did it for the notoriety, I’ve often thought that the media should adopt a professional code of conduct in which they agree to release no, or very minimal, information about the shooter. At least make people go online and search out more information if they really need to know, but… Read more »


We need to acknowledge that this problems exists ONLY in the US…and look to what is working, and has worked, in other countries that are successfully controlling the number of mass shootings and gun deaths. Until we can acknowledge a problem as it exists we will never resolve it. And we need to get out the vote and replace the ‘bought and sold’ politicians who are being supported by the NRA lobbyists. Therein lies one of our greatest obstacles to changing gun control laws. We need to pass legislation that regulates gun control measures [background checks, registration of gun owners,… Read more »


And we need to begin to study this topic of gun violence again. We stopped in 1996 and until we understand more about it – how do we expect to address it and resolve it?

#nomore, #endthestigma

Doesn’t work. Just like gun control

We haven’t implemented much gun control. What are basing your position on? Countries who have implemented some control are showing success rate.

Worked for me. Thank you NextTribe

Thank you, Next Tribe. Great poll.

Do any of you know who started this?

Worked fine, left info.

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