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Falling in Love with an Old Movie Gem

NextTribe hotflash finds old movie gem Love with the Proper Stranger romantic films

The title Love with the Proper Stranger had long been lodged in my Boomer brain, yet I couldn’t remember actually seeing the movie during my youth, despite its five Oscar nods. I discovered the 1963 Natalie Wood–Steve McQueen film recently, and now can’t get it out of my mind. Is it a melodramatic, rom-com-like cautionary tale? Yes, yes, yes!

It opens with naïve shop girl Angie (Natalie) tracking down rakish jazz guy Rocky (Steve) and telling him—her one and only one-night-stand—that she’s pregnant. All she wants from Rocky (who can’t remember meeting, much less bedding her) is help to “take care of it.” The not-quite strangers then embark on a quirky traipse through their native NYC. While they talk a little, it’s what they don’t say that will slay you. Director Robert Mulligan has them simply look at each other, look away, look back — and their chemistry is combustible.

Finally, they take the long walk up the scary stairs for the back-alley abortion. It’s another almost silent scene, shot a decade before Roe vs. Wade (but feeling very relevant right now) and it made my heart sink somewhere around my spleen. Then came its climax, which had me leaping off the couch. In a good way.

I would’ve faded to black right there. Instead, there’s some silly slapstick and a cornball ending as the young couple figures out what they truly feel for each other. Still, I’d catch Love with the Proper Stranger (newly mastered in HD, available from Kino Lorber) over 50 Shades of anything this Valentine’s Day.

Nina Malkin

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Thomas Crown Affair. True Romance. Under The Tuscan Sun. Grease.

Too bad he was a wife abuser in real life. Not a nice guy at all.

Diana Dibblee Which actor?

Which actor?

Thea McCue Wood Steve McQueen

Meet Joe Black


How crazy! This has ALWAYS been my favorite romance movie. And I happened to have found it & watched it on YouTube last week. It’s retained its 1st place.

Moulin Rouge. Gigi (though in today’s light I don’t like the implications of the relationship). Room With a View.

I also just recently watched Love With a Proper Stranger. Completely agree with Ms Malkin.

Shirley Valentine

Somewhere in Time and Under the Tuscan Sun!

The English Patient.

Yes love with the proper stranger great movie

Last of the Mohicans


This has ALWAYS been my favorite romance movie. I just saw it on YouTube last week. It’s still #1.

Shirley Valentine, Impromptu, Singles and Say Anything and Room with a View.

I loooove Shirley Valentine!! Chips and egg???

Somebody mentioned up there. I should re-watch.

The Notebook, Love Actually, Under the Tuscan Sun,.

While You Were Sleeping

One of my favorite romantic movies…with angst and adversity and family interference…all the right elements! ❤️

I loved this movie!

I’m writing these movie names down for weekend viewing. Thanks for suggestions.

Bridges of Madison County

Sleepless in Seattle.

Long Hot Summer with Paul Newman. I loved the remake with Don Johnson also.

I have always loved this movie

Love that movie.

Splendor in the Grass.

The original with Warren Beatty and Natalie Wood. My all time fav. I cry every time I see it.

Sad sad tragic sad – such a repressive time/place to reach maturity.

An affair to remember!

Oh yes! The movie Meg Ryan loved in Sleepless in Seattle! Right?

Prelude to a kiss, You’ve got mail, Sweet Home Alabama, just a few recently watched but so good! !

Oops just saw the “old” part.

Barbara – Alec Baldwin… confronting her in the kitchen… should be on his “best of” reel; punches me in the stomach every time.


Natalie wood is absolutely amazing in this movie I just love these old films so much❤️

Out of Africa

I love the scene where Robert Redford washes her hair. So sexy.

He is a heart throb that’s for sure!

“Don’t move. “
“I want to move.”
“ Don’t move. “
Three of the sexiest lines ever.

Yes they are.

The music still brings me to my knees.

And Karenina staring Greta Garbo


Man from Snowy River, 1 and 2.

Shape of Water, Harold and Maude

It’s a toss up between The Notebook & Best of Me — both sad, both star-crossed lovers, though it seems that the two in The Notebook had a few good years together.

LOVED this movie!


Gretchen West

I remember that movie! Well worth the watching. One of the few movies McQueen made that wasn’t an “action” film.

Urban cowboy, a summer place , summer of ‘42, working girl.

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