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No One Tells These Women They Can’t Skateboard!

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Besides helping you keep in touch with friends and remember birthdays, here’s another reason to love Facebook: It gave birth to a London-based group we just adore – the Very Old Skateboarders. A couple of midlife English women were upset that they were discouraged from skateboarding, so they began the online group about five years ago. It now has over 1,500 members who take to parks on skateboards and longboards (the group admin Elizabeth, age 66, uses a land paddle with hers).

Participants describe the fun and exhilaration of gliding–and say being in the group and meeting new people is a major part of the thrill.  On Facebook, the Very Old Skateboarders share details about where they are from and when they started this pastime (some have always loved being on the board, others waited till age 50 or later to begin), and more.

Meet a few of the people who started the group in this fantastic video — watch and see if you don’t want to strap on a helmet, grab a board and give it a whirl! Or maybe start your own Facebook group on this side of the pond.

Janet Siroto

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