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Just Say “No” to Anti-Aging

In a bold move, Allure magazine (known as the Beauty Bible) has announced that, beginning with its September issue, it will no longer use the term “anti-aging” when covering beauty products. In the words of the editor-in-chief, Michelle Lee, “Whether we know it or not, we’re subtly reinforcing the message that aging is a condition we need to battle—think anti-anxiety meds, antivirus software or antifungal spray.”

To underscore their new philosophy, a stunning 72-year-old Helen Mirren graces the cover. While we give a big thumbs-up to the decision, it’s infused with a bit of irony.  Two years ago the magazine replaced its 56-year-old editor-in-chief with a relatively shiny new 38-year-old. And the average age of cover girls so far in 2017 is 24.

Still, we say Yasss! to the move and its motivation. We’re all at our best when we’re comfortable in our own skin, regardless of our birth year. What better place to start driving home that message than the country’s top beauty magazine?

–Densie Webb

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