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The World’s Best Weekend Bag

Helen Lo had a packing problem. Back pain began to plague this 60-something as she and her husband went on their frequent travels. Dedicated to never checking a bag, she wanted to avoid the “heavy, frumpy, overpriced, overly-styled, pocket-less” choices that flooded the luggage market.

The solution? Pair up with her globe-trotting, entrepreneurial sons, Jan and Derek, to come up with a line of brilliantly designed travel bags, meticulously detailed with the features Helen had been pining for: tech pockets, suitcase-handle sleeves, shoe sections, and organic, eco-friendly materials.

What really sets Lo and Sons bags apart from all the other totes on the market is their function-first philosophy…and Helen’s habit of sending test bags out on vacation for the kind of feedback that results in, say, extra padding on a shoulder strap, or a nifty zipper feature that lets you create your own storage compartment.

We’re kind of in love with their roomiest, most popular pick—the infinitely cool Catalina Deluxe (shown) – and the way Lo kick-started a new career when some are readying for retirement.

–Hillary Quinn

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