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Reading Glasses Get Chic

Suddenly, my arms are too short to read books in bed or see the screen of my iPhone at any hour…yes (cringe), my time has come to get reading glasses. Can you relate? At my ophthalmologist’s urging, I bought a clunky pair at the drugstore but they were so ridiculous looking, I couldn’t bring myself to wear them.

Fortunately, there are some smart people out there who know that just because I’m over 50 and my vision has decided to jump off the proverbial cliff, it doesn’t mean I’ve packed up my sense of style.

Here’s what I’ve found:

  • Eyebobs: They aren’t cheap ($59 and up), but they are so cool, you’ll want to wear them. The colors are a total candy-box (purple, red, turquoise, tortoise-shell, black-and-white swirl, and more) and the silhouettes are hyper-hip. The Eyebobs website makes ordering easy and kinda fun.

    Eyebobs: Why not look cool while you read the menu?

  • Because my memory–like my eyesight—is tanking, I’m investing in a La Loop eyeglass holder to keep my fancy readers nearby, hopefully avoiding some frantic, “can’t find my glasses!” moments. La Loop is a chic necklace (choose from silk cord, leather, pearls and chunky links: $45 and up) with a metal loop to hook your glasses onto.
  • Worth a note: If you only need magnifying powers occasionally and can stand looking less than glam at those moments, check out ThinOptics— you get two pairs of clip-onto-your-nose, almost-invisible readers for under $20 and they’re so slim, they’ll fit in your phone case.

–Janet Siroto

La Loop makes sure you keep hold of your glasses but don’t look like your high school library lady.

Thin Optics are so slim you’ll hardly notice them and they fit in your phone case.

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