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Do Our Upper Arms Need the Spanx Treatment?

NextTribe hotflash finds upper arm fitness

Most of us midlife women are a little sensitive about our upper arms. Too many years of hearing unfunny jokes about “cafeteria ladies” and “bingo wings.” Please!

We are not into arm-shaming at all, and whether your arms are Olympian-toned or not so buff, we think you’ll like this new product from Spanx, the people who brought you the famous shapewear that erases an untold number of donuts from your midsection.

Called Arm Tights, this is a lightweight layer of their super-comfy knit material that provides coverage and toning. They are basically a stretchy crop-top with sleeves, to slip on under your favorite shirts or tees for a hip layered look. Spanx says it took five years and hundreds of prototypes to get the perfect fit. Priced at $30 to $34, they’re offered in neutrals as well as day-glo hues. We’re partial to the cobalt blue and hot pink.

What do you think?

–Janet Siroto

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Life is too short to wear Spanx!

newsflash: after menopause our skin is less…young.

Nope! We’re all good with our lumps and bumps!

No, do planks, use 5 lb weights and exercise.

I am an arm shaper!!!

Do midlife men need spanx shape wear for upper arms?

I don’t do men

I’m sure someone would buy them but no one really needs them

Exercise! I’m 61 this is from a few months ago. I do Crossfit and I’ll never be the muscle bound type but I’m toned and more importantly feel great and can run and jump around with my grandkids!!

Screw that! I earned my ” bingo wings”.

My arms work and look just fine at 56. They have held babies, held hands of frightened children, hugged the hurting, and have been around the shoulders of someone who needed encouragement. No thanks.


WTF is this nonsense. Give me a damn break already.

Exactly, Amy!

Love spanx

Hell, no! Why not let women be who we are–and not try to live up to some Hollywood photoshopped airbrushed idealized woman (dreamed up by men)?


Only if your cold!

Just if midlife men need them also

That was my thought exactly!!

I haven’t tried them and my arms are pretty thin, but I think they look great under a sleeveless top and would make a good layering piece

As if any of the women in the picture are “midlife”!

FFS no. Stop trying to make women more insecure than they already are.

I know I do! Great idea!

The irony is… that I stopped paying attention to what Madison Avenue says I should look like… after I hit mid life, lmao.

I think this is just one more way that people try to make women feel they’re not *good enough* and to profit from that. Since you ask.

Plus they look dumb.

Very subtle fat-shaming,there. Try “Do mid-life women ‘want’ Spanx…because who are you,to decide what we need?

No, just no. Defeats the purpose of staying cool in the warm weather.

I use arm shapers…they’re called curls, tricep kickbacks, planks, pushups, etc….

What we need is reasonably priced tailoring! Living wages for seamsters, and fine looking clothes for us!


i think….fuck off.

I’m sure they are uncomfortable


Yes I need them for my bathing suits.

I shall wave my flags proudly! At least until I’ve saved up for CoolSculpting.

I could sure use it. I lost about 75 lbs about 10 years ago but I could fly with the wings I have on my upper arms.

These women are young… please stop age shaming


Are you mental?! Yes, let’s take yet another perfectly normal body part, make women feel ashamed of it, and push them to spend money on an uncomfortable product to cover it up. Way to stand up for women, you morons.


WTF!? NO!!!

Need? No “we” don’t need arm shapers. I can’t even imagine the shape shifting required to squeeze into these. Embrace aging! So many people never get a chance at it.

Hell to the No. If people don’t like my arms they can kiss my a$$.

Uh no.

Why aren’t they advertised toward men? Why only to women? This is bullshit patriarchy practice. Fight!

Deliver me.

Stop it. Don’t even. NOT KIDDING.

Are you serious? I over heat with Spanx and honestly I’m not a contortionist!

No, I do not need to be uncomfortable

They look hot, as in sweaty.

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