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Pretty (Not So) Young Things: Gray Haired Models

Next Tribe photo of gray haired model

Remember that old Clairol ad slogan, “You’re not getting older, you’re getting better”? It seemed a bit like Madison Avenue B.S. at the time, but now it feels like people around the world are accepting the idea more and more.

One of our favorite examples: The Moscow-based modeling agency called Oldushka that specializes in gray haired models and won’t sign anyone under the age of 45. We love the idea of a desirable group that people could actually be too young to join.

Many of the beauties (male and female) are much older than that, including one 85-year-old, but all the gray haired models are stunning.

Oldushka has been in business for a year now, and was started as an outgrowth of  founder Igor Gavar’s blog of the same name, which captures older people with fabulous style on the streets of his city. Come take a look at the gorgeous, well-lined and well-loved faces—as well as the white and gray locks—on the agency’s site.

Then let’s have a round of applause for Gavar and hope others (especially in the U.S.) will follow suit.

Janet Siroto


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A shout out to a couple friends who are already fabulous gray haired models. Hillary Barnett Bitar Emily Vickers

Yes, Hillary Barnett Bitar and Emily Vickers were winners in NextTribe’s Hooray for Gray Giveaway last summer.

🌪Thank you!! Was such an honor and had a blast at the photoshoot 🌪🖤✨

Hillary Barnett Bitar As did we! You were a joy. Love this agency. Emily Vickers, love the Iconic “silver” divisions!

Hillary Barnett Bitar.. I second that! An honor and a blast. Especially for me, who spent 30 years as a producer, behind the camera…. to be the ‘talent’ on set was a hoot and a thrill:

Hooray for Oldushka (though I think the agency’s name is a bit unfortunate!) On this side of the pond there are already lots of agencies that have ‘silver’ divisions and one in particular specializes in the legends of the business who are no longer spring chickens… Thanks to Lori Modugno Alpert and others at the agency for leading the way…. Silver is definitely the new blonde!

Ha ha about Oldushka. Maybe that’s Russian for “Old is the New Young” or “Who you calling old?”

Thank you Emily .. Lor iModugno Alpert, Patty Sicular and I Jill Perlman have brought back all the supermodels from the 70’s 80’s and 90’s who were the fashion and beauty contract girls as well as the magazine cover girls. Our ladies 32-86 are rocking all the major magazines and clothing lines. We are not saying replace the model they have, we are just asking to stand next to them. to support all the women of all ages, shapes and sizes.. Remember. ICONICFOCUS MODELS!!!

OK. We need to do a follow up about iconic focus. Thanks Emily. Janet Siroto. Should we look into this!!

Beyond fabulous! Love this and recognize many of these faces

Tara Connolly

Oh and please post photos of gorgeous friends who should be models.

Beverly Anne Carman

Thank you Emily Vickers IconicFocus Models NYC follows us on Instagram

Kim Rankin

If you’re taking good care of yourself, eating right you’ll look great!

Yes eating right, exercise–so important. Now more than ever.

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