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Pretty (Not So) Young Things: Gray Haired Models

Next Tribe photo of gray haired model

Remember that old Clairol ad slogan, “You’re not getting older, you’re getting better”? It seemed a bit like Madison Avenue B.S. at the time, but now it feels like people around the world are accepting the idea more and more.

One of our favorite examples: The Moscow-based modeling agency called Oldushka that specializes in gray haired models and won’t sign anyone under the age of 45. We love the idea of a desirable group that people could actually be too young to join.

Many of the beauties (male and female) are much older than that, including one 85-year-old, but all the gray haired models are stunning.

Oldushka has been in business for a year now, and was started as an outgrowth of  founder Igor Gavar’s blog of the same name, which captures older people with fabulous style on the streets of his city. Come take a look at the gorgeous, well-lined and well-loved faces—as well as the white and gray locks—on the agency’s site.

Then let’s have a round of applause for Gavar and hope others (especially in the U.S.) will follow suit.

Janet Siroto


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