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For Women Only: Are All-Female Resorts and Offices a Good Thing?

For Women Only: Are All-Female Resorts and Offices a Good Thing? | NextTribe

For centuries, women have debated and hated men’s clubs, those bastions of the old boys’ network. But in this era of #metoo and #timesup, women are thinking maybe they will go their own way and create special, for women only spaces. The idea is that women can create their own communities and empowerment without men running the show or making females feel threatened. While some question if this role-reversal is viable in the long-term, for now, it seems to be a growing wave.

  • The Wing is a female-only private co-working and community space for women – gorgeously designed, with an amazing calendar of events to enrich the members’ lives. The first NYC location quickly attracted hundreds of diverse creative professionals, and the Wing has raised $32 million to fuel its expansion to other NYC locations as well as DC, and more in the works.
  • SuperShe Island (pictured right) is a female-only vacay destination that’s described by its founder Kristina Roth as a “rejuvenating and a safe spacewhere women can reinvent themselves and their desires.” The island off the coast of Finland and its super-chic bungalows will open soon – applications for membership are currently being accepted.

So tell us what you think: Is this trend a good thing – do women need a separate “for women only” space to connect and support one another? Or are these businesses repeating the exclusionary tactics that men used through the eons? Sound off in the comments below.

Janet Siroto


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