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New Movie We Love: “Finding Your Feet”

NextTribe Finding Your Feet

The movie Finding Your Feet isn’t going to shock or surprise you. Here’s the plot: Somewhat stuffy midlife woman discovers husband is having an affair and embarks on new life that loosens her up. You’ve probably seen the same plot play out once, twice, three times as you sat in the dark with a small sack of popcorn on your lap.

But that doesn’t diminish the charm of this movie. The cast is stuffed with outstanding actors: Imelda Staunton as the recently divorced, upwardly mobile Sandra – you know her from Vera Drake and the Harry Potter films; Celia Imrie as her London-living free-spirited sister Bif (you’ll recognize her from the Exotic Marigold Hotel movies); and Joanna Lumley as Bif’s fun friend (yes! Patsy from “Absolutely Fabulous”!).

As Sandra strikes out on her new and different life in the big city, with her sister introducing her to new people and the fun of dance class at a community center (hence the film’s title), she discovers that you’re never too old for a fresh start. There’s weed, romance and other adventures to be had, and the top-notch cast make the rather predictable goings-on go down nice and easy.

Janet Siroto




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