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Eldercare: The Hot New Field for Boomers

Eldercare: The Hot New Field for Baby Boomers | NextTribe

Forget about the future belonging to the young! The American population is getting older: Since 2000, the median age has ticked up two years, and by 2030, there will be 72 million people over the age of 65. While seniors are living longer and in better health than ever before, there’s no doubt that aging has its challenges. That explains why eldercare services (from errand-running to household chores to companionship) are also growing at a blazing rate.

Guess who’s doing much of this work? Boomers, who are often looking to boost their incomes as they are pushed out of the workforce (see our article “Fired? Bouncing Back from a Midlife Pink Slip”), and who often feel a connection to the generation just ahead of them, according to the New York Times.

For midlifers who are caring for seniors can be an easy, “I know how to do this” transition. And it can be preferable to other part-time jobs like driving an Uber or selling one’s skills on TaskRabbit. It’s personal and purposeful; a great way to feel as if one is making a difference.

These elder concierge gigs, as they are increasingly known, are flexible and can pay anywhere from $20 to $70 an hour, depending on the level of work and hours involved. To learn more, search for terms like “eldercare,” “senior help” and “elder concierge” to find agencies in your area. Additional silver lining: This kind of work helps Boomers gain insight onto what they’ll need in the years ahead.

–Janet Siroto

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