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Funny or Not? That E-Trade Super Bowl Ad

Next Tribe E-Trade super bowl ad encouraging retirement savings


Yes, the Tide ads were fun, but the Super Bowl spot that has us talking this morning is the E-Trade ad. You can watch it here.

It’s a light-hearted look at the fact that our generation hasn’t saved much for retirement–and so will probably have to keep turning up on the job for years (and years!) to come.  That’s all well and good, but what gives us mixed feelings is the way Boomers and beyond are portrayed as the butt of the joke and borderline incompetent.

Tribe, what do you think of the E-Trade Super Bowl ad?

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I thought the ad was okay. It got your point across. I am a senior woman who still works (by need) a little longer. But seriously, once the gorgeous guy inthe red swimsuit came on-screen, he was all I could think about!

Your next ad needs to feature just him standing there, maybe in a tux, making your pitch! At least the women would pay attention!

Denise Lettau

I think the ad serves as a good wake up call and reminder that we may have to keep working or endure poverty if we do not save enough.

I have the years and saved, I don’t trust cadet bone spurs or as I call him hole with my future concerning health insurance, medications and SS.

Sad, but all too true.

A cautionary tale, but definitely not for old people.

It increases awareness.
I love humor


I agree and I am afraid that is what we have in store for us if Ryan and McConnell get their way😢


So, saving for retirement was the point of the commercial? Well, E-Trade completely missed the mark. DJ Grams seemed to be having a good time, and the man on the beach was keeping pace with the two swimsuit models. E-Trade seems to be operating under outdated assumptions about retirement. Many people continue to work because they enjoy it.

Good point. My father worked into his late ’80s not because he had to but because he loved having his own consulting firm and making deals and staying vital.

Yes, Jeannie! So true (and how cool about your father!). Work is noble activity for the human spirit. So many retirees return to work because they seek human connection and a sense of purpose.


Saving for retirement was the point of this commercial? Well, E-Trade totally missed the boat on their message. Many people continue to work because they enjoy it. DJ Grams looked like she was having a blast! The guy on the beach was keeping pace with the other two runners. E-Trade seems to be operating under an old set of assumptions about the older generation and what retirement is.

it made me giggle…and then made me sad because I can see myself here.

I’m 64, still working & will for some time longer. I thought it was hilarious!! If we can’t laugh about it, we’d all be drinking cyanide kool-aid!!

Made a good point

I found humor in it, subtle political issue in it, and heard truth in it. With this current regime that can end up being any of us.

Most of E-Trade’s ads are insipid and this one was both insipid and just plain mean spirited.

Don’t care much for the commercial.

People don’t save cause they are only making enough to pay the bills , not enough to pay the bills and save .

Reality … American reality … just keep working, people, just keep working.

Not funny. I found E-Trade response very disappointing!

Not funny

I thought is was patronizing and stupid.

Missed the entire thing & don’t feel like I missed anything

Too close to truth


I thought it was hilarious and spot on.

Shaming people who have to work is disgusting… any age….way to go America…… Great concept to buy in to…. I plan to work till I drop over, because I want to…

My husband loves his work & says he doesn’t plan to retire. Most people don’t like their work. You are lucky too.

Honestly I’d rather work part time at Home Depot than not work….That’s just me!

Wanting to work and having to work are two different things unfortunately.

Well, it is true, but not because they didn’t save, for some of us Boomers, 2008 stock market crashes happened. And safety nets are diminishing with increasing Medicare premiums and fees, the continual loss of government or non-profit run affordable senior housing and the cut backs in public transit over the years so elders have to pay for TNC’s or para-transit, taxis or private drivers.

All that I am pointing out as I have experienced is not sexy stuff anyone wants to write about to admit they are no longer affluent or whatever or publish.

I have a slightly different perspective – a lot of older actors got starring roles in a prominent, and extremely well paid national spot. Actors of color were well represented.

Not a huge fan of the visual joke – look how ungainly the lifeguard’s body looks running alongside his extremely fit young colleagues. On the other hand – he’s running on the fckn beach. And few people of any age could control a firehose.

The one I really liked was the package delivery woman. A reminder to lend a hand to someone who can use it, if you’ve got one to spare!

Good points Ayun! Lots of things to think about here.

Yes, good point about older actors & people of color. Also, most people don’t have savings & that’s sad. Half the people I know have to work & the ones that don’t are worried about their savings lasting. Good idea behind the ad but it made me sad.

Sadly true!

Point made. Need to save.

Not funny.

It may make the Millennials feel better knowing that Grandma can still DJ.

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