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What You Thought About That E-Trade Ad

Next Tribe photo from E-Trade ad about seniors who can't afford to retire

We asked you what you thought of the ad that aired during the Super Bowlthe E-Trade one that showed seniors working, working, working as DJs, lifeguards, and fire fighters….because they can’t afford to retire.

Most of you were not crazy about the ad, feeling it made old people the punch line of a not so funny joke. Where’s the humor in not being able to afford to retire?

Reactions ranged from “Depressing” to “patronizing” to “asinine.” Said one commenter: “[The scenario] is true, but not because they didn’t save, for some of us Boomers, 2008 stock market crashes happened. And safety nets are diminishing with increasing Medicare premiums and fees, the continual loss of government or non-profit run affordable senior housing and the cutbacks in public transit.” Said another: “People don’t save cause they are only making enough to pay the bills, not enough to save.”

Others of you liked the ad’s scare tactics, saying, “I thought it was hilarious and spot-on,” and “If we can’t laugh about it, we’d all be drinking cyanide!”

And some felt that working into later life – or all the way through life – was not a bad thing to see portrayed at all. “Honestly I’d rather work part time at Home Depot than not work,” said one, and “Many people continue to work because they enjoy it.”

For one member of the Tribe, there was a surprising silver lining to the ad. “I have a slightly different perspective,” wrote one of you. “A lot of older actors got starring roles in a prominent, and extremely well-paid national spot. Actors of color were well represented.” Amen to that.

–Janet Siroto


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