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Now They’re Trying to Sell Us Collagen-Infused Clothing! Puhleeese

NextTribe collagen clothing

We’re all for technical innovation, and we’re for keeping our skin looking and feeling great as the years pass. But we’re not so sure if we need clothing infused with collagen, which is an important building block of skin, bones and fascia in our bodies.

There’s been a lot of buzz over the years about collagen in creams, lotions and in foods, but now the Seattle-based fashion brand Buki is offering four tops and a scarf ($98 to $118) made from fabric that’s embedded with natural collagen, to infuse it directly into the skin. According to the brand’s website, “The collagen peptides in this limited-edition collection relay moisture to your skin and protect it from the sun with UPF 50, ensuring you experience the softest clothing (and most supple skin) ever.”

While we love the look of the clothes and are big sun-protection boosters, we’re not convinced that fibers can deliver a meaningful dose of collagen over time. And then there’s the fact that topically applied collagen hasn’t been proven to be a miracle-worker. So if you are in the market for a chic black top, by all means, buy one of these….but don’t expect your skin to look any smoother.

Janet Siroto


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