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You Tell Us

Barbra Streisand Cloned Her Dog: Would You?

NextTribe Barbra Streisand pet cloning

There’s probably a lot you know about Barbra Streisand – that her breakthrough was in the movie Funny Girl, that  “Evergreen” was one of her biggest hits, and that you’ll never forget the way she said that line, “Your girl is lovely, Hubbell” in The Way We Were. But did you know she’s such a pet lover that she had her favorite dog—an adorable white fluffball–cloned after it died?

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More You Tell Us


What You Said About Gun Control and What to Do Next


In the wake of the horrific Parkland shootings and the tragic loss of lives, we asked you how you were feeling–and hundreds of you responded.

Eighty percent of you felt outraged – and more than a third of you want to propel change to insure this never happens again.

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NextTribe hotflash gun violence

Take Our Poll: What Can We Do About Gun Violence?

Another day. Another shooting. This time on Valentine’s Day, which means hearts everywhere are breaking over the hate in our society when we should be celebrating love and connection.

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Next Tribe photo from E-Trade ad about seniors who can't afford to retire

What You Thought About That E-Trade Ad

We asked you what you thought of the ad that aired during the Super Bowlthe E-Trade one that showed seniors working, working, working as DJs, lifeguards, and fire fighters….because they can’t afford to retire.

Most of you were not crazy about the ad, feeling it made old people the punch line of a not so funny joke. Where’s the humor in not being able to afford to retire?

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Next Tribe E-Trade super bowl ad encouraging retirement savings

Funny or Not? That E-Trade Super Bowl Ad


Yes, the Tide ads were fun, but the Super Bowl spot that has us talking this morning is the E-Trade ad. You can watch it here.

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Next Tribe woman contemplates how to draw the line on sexual misconduct

Poll Results: This Is Where You Draw the Line on Sexual Misconduct


As we went to tabulate your responses to our survey about sexual misconduct, the news was still rife with stories of misconduct. Famous names in publishing, politics, the performing arts, and elsewhere were dismissed from their jobs or investigated.  We saw Salma Hayek speak up, heard calls for Al Franken not to resign from the Senate after all, and waded through still more lurid Matt Lauer revelations.

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Next Tribe midlife transitions

What Changes Are You Making This Year?

One of my favorite songs is David Bowie’s “Changes.” During so many weird and volatile times in my life (moving, postpartum depression, moving again) I’ve taken comfort from that line, “Turn and face the strange ch-ch-changes.” To me it means, accept that change is inevitable; just roll with it. And so far, I’ve been able to do so fairly well (with a few exceptions of course).

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Next Tribe metoo gone too far

#Metoo Movement: Gone Too Far? Not Far Enough?

When NextTribe first wrote about the #MeToo movement, two months ago, the Harvey Weinstein allegations were just beginning to—shockingly—pile up. We had worried that the movement had the potential to be elitist (all those movie stars!), turn women against each other (a lawyer and a designer were criticized for expressing unpopular ideas), and cause a loss of perspective about what is sexual harassment, or, a fuzzier term, “inappropriate touching,” as opposed what used to be called, in a less politically correct or politically enlightened (take your pick) time, horsing around or even merely flirting.

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Cosmetic Procedures? You Said No-Nonsense, No Judgment


The knife? Injections? Or what? That’s what we wanted to know when we ran our survey a few weeks ago: Where you drew the line on cosmetic procedures?

The largest group of you—23 percent—said you were just planning to stay natural and avoid both non-invasive treatments, such as Botox and fillers, and cosmetic surgery.

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Rosanna Arquette On Weinstein, Lost Years and What Matters Most Now

Next Tribe Rosanna Arquette on Weinstein, lost years and what's important now

For the first time since the Harvey Weinstein reckoning, Rosanna Arquette talks about how her warnings about him may have hurt her career, her true heroes and why her long-time work supporting exploited women and LGBT youth has become more important than ever.

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Just When We Need Her: Christiane Amanpour Steps Up

next Tribe Christiane Amanpour mentor

As the most accomplished international journalist of her generation takes over the time slot for Charlie Rose, Sheila Weller looks at the personal bond that fueled Christiane Amanpour’s rise and why it’s even more relevant today.

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