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Charcoal Drinks: A New Way to Detox?

NextTribe charcoal drinks

The latest healthy drink hardly looks good for you: Ink-black beverages containing charcoal are turning up across the country and promising to detox our poor polluted bodies. These beverages are a mild version of how activated charcoal is traditionally used in medicine, to assist in the treatment of food poisoning or drug overdoses.

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NextTribe midlife women cycling

The Triple Bonus of Taking Your Bike Instead of Your Car

We all enjoy a leisurely spring ride through the park, and some of us are serious mountain bikers. But when it comes to cycling for transportation, we often stop short, even though many cities are becoming more bike-friendly. Which is too bad because cycling easily burns about 50 calories per mile, earns health benefits, and talk about reducing your impact on the planet — it’s as carbon-efficient as you can get! Angela Azzolino founded the organization Get Women Cycling to educate and motivate cyclists to get out there safely, one two-wheeler at a time. Her top tips:

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NextTribe Andie MacDowell

Andie McDowell as We’ve Never Seen Her

While the movie Love After Love may be tricky to track down in your neighborhood, look for it. It’s the debut film by Russell Harbaugh and features the ever-beautiful Andie MacDowell, who returns to the screen in a challenging and engaging role.

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NextTribe midlife women healthy aging

Healthy Aging: Here’s How It’s Done

“Nothing is as painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change.” That’s what Mary Shelly, the author of Frankenstain, said way back when about who knows what (going from dead to living again, maybe?) Barbara Hannah Grufferman uses the quote in her new book, Love Your Age: The Small-Step Solution to A Better, Longer, Happier Life because she wants us to know that you don’t have to make huge changes all at once to live healthier as we get older. We can take it in small digestible chunks.

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NextTribe midlife woman meditation poetry

Meditate on This

We go to yoga classes. We breathe deeply. We drink chamomile tea and maybe something stiffer. We’re always looking for ways to relax, to throw off stress. And sometimes, in case you’ve forgotten, what really does the trick is a poem–even better if the poem is by a woman who seems to have walked in your shoes and knows what you’re yearning for.

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NextTribe hotflash lifestyle midlife uncertainty

Learn the Art of Thriving Through Uncertainty

When I was at a writing retreat last spring, I met Tama Kieves, a Harvard Law school grad turned life coach and self-help author. I’m usually a bit cynical about the inspiration biz, but I was feeling a little stuck in my own career at the time. I had spent two years on a novel that didn’t sell, and it had been ten years since I’d done what I felt was my best work. I found all this starting to pour out of me over lunch with her. Tama, it turned out, had some suggestions.

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NextTribe midlife women whiskey

Jane or Johnnie? The Great Whiskey Debate



March is National Women’s History Month (yay, us!), and there are some interesting ideas about how to celebrate it. Here’s one that caught our eye: Johnnie Walker, the esteemed whiskey, has redesigned some of its Black Label bottles. They’re launching a limited-edition version that says Jane Walker on the label and shows a woman striding forward with confidence instead of the usual dude.

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NextTribe hotflash lifestyle midlife women in art

Museum Quality: The Fine Art of Aging


More, please: The exhibit “Aging Pride” currently on display at Vienna’s Belvedere (we know, not exactly around the corner) gives us reason to cheer. Instead of gathering images of youth, the curators have assembled a rich show of almost 200 works that reflect images of older age.

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NextTribe hotflash lifestyle brain health Alzheimer's

Anxiety and Alzheimer’s: Another Reason to Stay Chill

We all know one of the worst aspects of Alzheimer’s Disease is the fact that by the time the illness shows its symptoms, things have often progressed to a difficult point, leaving the patient and family scrambling to figure out how to move forward. Now, thanks to a study at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital, we know a little more about the lead-up to the disease.

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NextTribe women over 50 hygge

Everybody Needs Hygge, Especially Right Now

You might have noticed the current obsession with the Danish wellness tradition “hygge,” or at least the hashtag #hygge, which is nearing 3 million posts on Instagram.  Pronounced “hoo-gah,” it sort of sounds like “hug” and is synonymous with comfort, coziness, conviviality and warmth during the long, dark winter.

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