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The Brilliance of One-Piece Yoga Gear

NextTribe one piece yoga gear

And you thought onesies were just for babies!

That all-in-one fashion garment is baaaaack — and in a big way. It may seem like a redux of that 80s catsuit (remember, worn with heels and maybe a boxy man’s style jacket with sleeves pushed up?). Its return is a hot trend for workout rats, especially those hitting the yoga mat.

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More Finds

NextTribe Finding Your Feet

New Movie We Love: “Finding Your Feet”

The movie Finding Your Feet isn’t going to shock or surprise you. Here’s the plot: Somewhat stuffy midlife woman discovers husband is having an affair and embarks on new life that loosens her up. You’ve probably seen the same plot play out once, twice, three times as you sat in the dark with a small sack of popcorn on your lap.

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NextTribe best home decor sites

5 to Follow: Best Home Style Sites

Funny, isn’t it, how the urge to redecorate, declutter or purge down to the studs hits when one reaches midlife. (Is it hormonal?) Whether your tastes run towards rustic or midcentury modern, there are plenty of places to get your design sense stoked as well as the nuts and bolts of renovating. Here, a few of our favorites:

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NextTribe crepey skin

The $15 Skin Lotion You’ll Looooove for Crepey Skin

It happened during downward dog. There I was in shorts and a tank, assuming the inverted asana, when — plop! — the flesh on my arms and legs suddenly decided to hang loose, and not in a good way. While it seemed to be an all-at-once occurrence, surely decades of sun worship had something do with it. Naturally, I went into crepe-y skin damage control, even watching a  mind-numbing infomercial for an insanely pricey “miracle” cream. I came to my senses and assumed I’d just have to live with looking like a lizard.

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NextTribe hotflash finds best Instagram pet accounts

5 To Follow: The Most Adorable Pet Instagram Accounts

A Nielsen survey says the average American spends 10 hours – 10 hours! – a day looking at a screen. Terrible, isn’t it? But when it comes to gazing at adorable pets, we’ll make an exception. When commuting, on an endless line at Trader Joe’s or otherwise twiddling our thumbs, there is nothing better at any age than gazing at cute animals on Instagram. So allow us to share our favorite accounts:

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NextTribe hotflash finds upper arm fitness

Do Our Upper Arms Need the Spanx Treatment?

Most of us midlife women are a little sensitive about our upper arms. Too many years of hearing unfunny jokes about “cafeteria ladies” and “bingo wings.” Please!

We are not into arm-shaming at all, and whether your arms are Olympian-toned or not so buff, we think you’ll like this new product from Spanx, the people who brought you the famous shapewear that erases an untold number of donuts from your midsection.

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Next Tribe dry eyes

Stay Moist: The Lifesaver for Dry Eyes

I am such a cliché. As if on cue, as I became what’s known as a peri-menopausal female, my eyes dried out like a kitchen sponge that slid down behind the backsplash.

Being over 50 increases your risk for dry eyes, and if you’re a woman, well, you get an extra push in this direction.

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Next Tribe sex after 50

5 to Follow: Love and Sex After 50 Blogs

It’s that time of year when thoughts turn to heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, candlelight and racy lingerie. Umm, seriously? Those may be the stereotypes, but for a nice, bracing jolt of honest info and writing about matters of sex and love after 50, check out these five sites:

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Next Tribe why do people love instant pot

Instant Pot Insanity: The Kitchen Gizmo That Ate the World

“What do you mean you don’t have an Instant Pot?!?”

I have been asked this question, oh, about five dozen times over the last couple of months. I apparently have missed a major cultural milestone: The arrival of a kitchen appliance that promises to revolutionize cooking. I haven’t seen anything like it since the mass hysteria around those bread-making machines back in the 90s. I can’t help but wonder why people love Instant Pot so much.

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Next Tribe face oil for smoother skin

The Oil Boom: A Secret to Smoother Skin

“Oil me!” was what the Tin Man squeaked out in The Wizard of Oz, and when Dorothy and The Scarecrow administered a few drops, it worked like magic, right?

I took some time to get on board with this skin oil trend, but I have to admit that the Tin Man was onto something.

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