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Bud and Breakfast: High Times for Travel

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Cannabis-enhanced travel – or should we says trips?—is booming. As recreational marijuana becomes legalized in more states (the number will reach seven or eight by next year), smart entrepreneurs are finding ways to create THC-centric getaways for those who want to indulge within these go-ahead-and-light-up zones.

And it’s working: A recent study by the Colorado Tourism Office found that the state’s marijuana laws influenced travel decisions positively about 50 percent of the time.

Colorado is, not surprisingly, the epicenter of these vacays, but wherever one goes, these canna-friendly getaways know how to treat their guests right. At what are frequently called “bud and breakfast” inns, there are such rituals as “wake and bake” treats, another round of smoke-ables or edibles at 4:20 PM, and marijuana-infused meals. Of course, all other kinds of activities are available, depending on where one goes, from hiking to spa treatments.

There are some basic rules to know – such as, out-of-state folk may not be able to buy as much at dispensaries as residents; smoking in public may not be kosher; and don’t even think about bringing “souvenirs” back home over state lines.  But other than that, if you are a smoker or a toker, there may be a whole new way for your travels to take you higher.

Janet Siroto


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