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Where Do You Draw the Line on Cosmetic Procedures?

Next Tribe Botox survey

“I never thought I would submit. I admit that deep down I might have even judged other women for doing `it.’ At the very least, I haven’t defended other women who’ve taken artificial measures as vehemently as I should have, or maybe not at all.

Geez, I still find it hard to say `it.’  And `it’ is many things: Botox. Filler. Collagen. Even the dreaded, and more permanent, face lift. Look, not to sound trite, but until you’ve walked a mile in another woman’s face, you don’t know what you’d do.”

This is what writer Helen Darling says about cosmetic procedures in this weeks’ article, “Hiding Botox from My Husband…And Justifying it to Myself.” At least that’s what she says before she had Botox herself.

This got us thinking about where our readers draw the line when it comes to cosmetic procedures. We feel every woman has her own limits and her own reasons. Let us know by taking this three-question survey.

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