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The Real Swimsuit Models of NextTribe

Bikini Models in Middle Age: The Real Swimsuit Models of NextTribe

When we ran our recent swimsuit story, some of you did not like that we were showing thin young models. And you know what? We said, “Damn straight.” This got us to thinking why we—as mature women—have to look at these willowy teens (or just about) and try to imagine ourselves in their suits. We need real bikini models of our very own.

We put out the word and several of you responded by sending photos of yourselves by the beach or pool (or in the standard selfie pose in front of a bathroom mirror). In addition to model names, we’ve included the swimwear manufacturer, hoping this will help you know which brands have suits that might look good on you too.

While we’re enjoying this righteous indignation, let’s write to bathing suit manufacturers and tell them we want to see ourselves in their ads. They’ll get a lot of positive attention and some loyal fans. (And let’s reward the website Swimsuits for All for making progress in this area.)

If you’re feeling brave, you can send in a photo of yourself in sun-and-surf mode. Email us the photo: We’ll add you to our fun, BOLD group here.

Here are websites for the manufacturers mentioned. Jantzen, Becca Etc., J.Crew, Victoria’s Secret, Carve Designs, H&M, Liz Claiborne, Tommy Bahama, Magic Suit Swimwear.


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