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The World’s Best Weekender Bag

The Best Weekender Bag: Lo and Sons' Catalina Deluxe

Helen Lo had a packing problem. Back pain began to plague this 60-something as she and her husband went on their frequent travels. Dedicated to never checking a bag, she wanted to avoid the “heavy, frumpy, overpriced, overly-styled, pocket-less” choices that flooded the luggage market.

The solution? Pair up with her globe-trotting, entrepreneurial sons, Jan and Derek, to come up with a line of brilliantly designed travel bags, meticulously detailed with the features Helen had been pining for: tech pockets, suitcase-handle sleeves, shoe sections, and organic, eco-friendly materials. Basically, the best weekender bag on the planet.

The Best Weekender Bag Hunt That Led to a New Midlife Career | NextTribe

What really sets Lo and Sons bags apart from all the other best weekender bags on the market is their function-first philosophy…and Helen’s habit of sending test bags out on vacation for the kind of feedback that results in, say, extra padding on a shoulder strap, or a nifty zipper feature that lets you create your own storage compartment.

We’re kind of in love with their roomiest, most popular pick—the infinitely cool Catalina Deluxe (shown)—and the way Lo kick-started a new career when some are readying for retirement.

–Hillary Quinn

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